Saturday, December 25, 2010


The experience today is one of beingness. There are no important concepts to share, for the experience in and of itself is not really defined. It is a floaty sort of state where all is OK. One could think that I need a great dose of "grounding", but I don't feel necessarily ungrounded, at least not more ungrounded than usual.

In this vastness, this seeming emptiness of space that isn't defined, there isn't anything popping up that catches my inner eye. It's peaceful, it IS. There is most certainly a sense of life, of being alive in it all, but it isn't anything worth getting focused on really. Love abounds, love IS that state of beingness and I believe that I have tapped into yet another bit of awareness of my self - that which has no beginning and no end.

I cannot say how to achieve such a state - to me, these states just happen and I allow them to happen. That is possibly one of the greatest key to it all. I let go of any preconceived idea of how it has to play out, i just let whatever wants to come to pass into my field of perception and I observe. I do not identify with anything in particular, not even the floaty state of beingness, although I'm musing now, it could well be, that I am looking at myself - only myself, always myself. And a big grin spreads across my face :)

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