Sunday, December 26, 2010

Monetary Abundance, Part II, Becoming Universal

They say money is one of the greatest motivators. Well, I've sent out one of my biggest questions last night and find on a different website a link to a posting that in essence says: Abundance is where your heart is.

It made total sense and I like this statement. It rings true to me. The problem I have with it, is that I have not yet figured out how to anchor my heart into this earthly experience. I've been bound for the stars and the dimensions beyond the veil in an effort to "go home". That was where the attraction was the greatest for me and it still is. I've always found it to be somewhat of a shortcoming, that I couldn't really get that excited about Earth and this experience, like some folks do. I wish everyone well on their journey, I'm even OK anymore with my journey having brought me here, but there has always been that sense of: "when can I go ?" "can I go now ?" that "are we there yet?" sort of sensation. This is of course not very conducive for my heart-to-Earth-connection and I've literally pushed that issue away, although I do admit, periodically it has come out in that peek-a-boo fashion, never quite letting me know that I'm "done" for good. There's this one little task left it seems (and I'm sure I'll find a number more of those after this one).

So, I've asked and was guided to read an answer that pertained to my question and it appears I have my answer. My heart is not here on Earth, therefore my manifestations don't quite manage to make it here to this "mailbox" as the article so poignantly described. It almost makes too much sense!
This of course is but the initial facing of the issue. My mind immediately jumps to solutions. That's what I can do, I'm really quite good at finding creative solutions. I could maintain that the stars are my home and that Earth never will be - in fact, Mother Earth told me so herself, so I'm fairly certain that I'm but a visitor this time around. (Strangely enough, a vacation would feel different, it must be a business trip !). I cannot deny this fact that for me rings true throughout my whole being. That means I'm not going to deny it. There's that little inner voice again telling me in no uncertain terms: "you're way bigger than this". OK bigger, huh ...

My mind has easily fallen prey to the 3D way of thinking - I belong to the stars, hence I cannot belong to the Earth. Yeah, that's what my mind said. I step into the plane of love and contemplate the whole situation from that vantage point. I do love my stars (planets really), no doubt about it. Isn't the planet Earth also a part of  the Universe? I would like to think so - How can I love one planet more than another? I sense my home planet and I sense the energy of planet Earth. I love them both, for if I didn't really, I wouldn't be here in the first place. Love attracts manifestation. That's how it goes. I could argue now that I love my home planet more than Earth, but I know that's just cunning language that doesn't want to embrace Earth among the entities (for that's what planets really are in my book) that are part of the balance in the Universe and therefore a part of the whole and therefore distinctly a part of me (or me of them). You can tell, my mind just took a hike into ever greater perception fields.

Bottom line is - on some level, I am as much part of the whole that encompasses my home planet as well as the planet Earth. There is no difference and there are no different levels of intensity of love, there is just love and that's it. My heart expands further at this contemplation and I wish to anchor in that the exclusion of the planet I'm currently residing on is but an illusion. It belongs, it belongs fully and in its entirety and therefore it is an integral part of my heart. I anchor this viewpoint into my conscious mind. And so it IS.

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