Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jeremiel (a Meditation)


I am thrilled to read about the birth of this new Aura Soma Bottle. Another Archangel has brought us a gift. It's mid-tone turquoise and mid-tone olive colored - I want to bathe in these colors and release all these remnants of bitterness, even if they are ever so slight. In the new energies there is no room for bitterness that have accumulated before this moment and are mere tentacles from the past to pull me back into the timeline ever so often. I am ready to release them. I am sad that the actual Balance bottle is not in my hand yet, but I can still invoke the energies of it and wait for the shipment while I visualize myself standing in the colors turquoise from crown to midsection and see the colors smoothly turn into olive from the waist down.

While I do this little exercise, this energetic bath if you will, I consciously release one moment of bitterness after the next, as they come up in my memory to greet me. I recognize them for what they are - moments in time, during which the experiences clad in 3D drama were ever so helpful to find out who I am and what I am doing here. Moments of pain, that allowed me to feel distinct and alive. I thank these moments, I thank all the actors in my dramas, that helped create these moments. Then I am ready - I let them go. I see them leave my energy field, my emotional and mental bodies, carried by a swirl of turquoise and olive. The freed spaces in my energy bodies shine golden, with the essence of love.

In my mind's eye I see Jeremiel standing there in his/her glory watching this process unfold with eternal love and gentle sweetness. There is no more room for bitterness to tie me into the past.

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