Thursday, December 9, 2010

Peace and Harmony

It is a fact that not all people on Earth vibrate at the same frequency. A lower frequency isn't worse than a higher one, the same as a lower note on the musical scale isn't worth less than a higher note. Sometimes linear thinking wants us to believe that it is a value system when we speak of higher and lower frequency. If language was a bit more flexible, we could possibly take out a great deal of controversy out of the mix and create harmony, by using better words to describe what we experience.

The difficulty, as I have perceived it all my life is one of existing in harmony with any other frequency. (It's easy to be peaceful and experience harmony on my own, much harder when surrounded by others). Sometimes it is a natural harmony, even if the vibratory frequency of one participant is low and the other high. It doesn't have to clash. It can be complementary, harmonious as 2 notes on the piano can be. Those moments we don't really experience as "problems" and therefore probably don't pay much mind to them. Similarly, two people of high vibration can vibrate next to each other and really not feel comfortable. Usually, any kind of wanting to be away from that person is interpreted as "jealousy" or "competition" - judgment follows suit right there. It is not necessarily so. It can be that the two high frequencies just don't harmonize. That is in and of itself quite alright and just adds to the diversity of the experience on Earth. I believe that there is a lot of linear comparison going on as to "what level of frequency" one has attained. In my belief system, any one person at any one time vibrates at exactly the frequency that works for them. This can be a high frequency or a low one. It can be high most of the time and dip into a lower vibratory rate to experience something that needs resolved. I don't see the "level of frequency" to be static or inflexible. I believe our souls sing at quite a wide range of frequencies.

As with some notes on the scale, certain combinations of sound (frequency) are just not pleasing to the ear - to some ears I should say, as for some people some chords that sound dissonant to me may have an exciting, even exhilarating effect. In my understanding of energetic frequencies, I believe that any and all judgment on the level of frequency is a moot point and should just cease.

That brings me to the place where I struggle at times. What am I to do if I am surrounded by folks whose frequencies just don't harmonize with mine? In the past I have adjusted my own frequency to match and harmonize with theirs. That has worked up until recently. Lately, however, that bridge seems to have the effect that it depletes my own energies to a point of "burn out". It isn't practical anymore to do it this way. My inner voice tells me that in order to be authentic, I have to remain in my main frequency. Just stay there. A part of me is scared, I admit. Does this really mean, I will just stay in my natural frequency, my own (loud?) tone and the universe around me will adjust somehow to create the harmony that I actually feel inside? 

I will not know the outcome of this, until I have experienced it. It does make sense on some level so I believe that by expressing unwaveringly who I truly am, by vibrating my own frequency as it is at any given time, by being and staying in my own center, steadfast and strong, by feeling my own inner harmonies play their natural unadulterated song, I will create an experience in the physical world that is unadulterated and harmonious as well. Since peace, harmony and love are the basic state and what feeds my soul, I think I owe it to her to give it a real good try!

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