Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Coming and Going

In these last few weeks we were blessed with some very intense energy shifts. The accelerations of energy frequencies on the planet has created not just internal shifts of energy. It has aligned many folks with their purpose and given a sense of clarity that I so hoped mankind would receive. It has happened. Many people from my circles have indeed realized things that they had not before. Some had to make choices to leave my circle of friends. Others, seemingly out of the blue, have reached out to me and created the beginnings of friendships. Me too, I've reached out and created such beginnings. I have also created farewells, or at least I believe that some of my words and deeds have allowed others to be empowered and to continue on their own journey.

There's this coming and going that I'm witnessing right now in my online communities as well as my community right here. In my self-centered focus, I could of course potentially be drawn into the dramatic aspects of it all, but I choose not to. I choose to sit here, where I sit and feel so much better energetically. I'm finally beginning to feel like this may yet be a planet that I can live on without pain. It is glorious to finally feel this way, even though I know it's not "done" - it's never really "done" this process of increasing the frequencies. It's just good to be here and feel like dancing, like there are a million energy particles in my beingness that finally get a response from the energies around me. There is a connection to this planet that I have up until now only heard others talk of - now I can sense it as well. It's grounding me in a flighty sort of way and I feel that my rather silly experiment of traveling backwards through the chakras (top to bottom) in this life time has found some completion.

With this new found connection, I am still, enjoying this space, knowing that the coming and going around me is ok. It's fine. There is no need to hold anyone, there is no need for grandiose farewells. Those who were close to me, can undoubtedly feel that I wish them well, that I honor and respect their path and that they just need to keep going. Those who have stepped into my life are new gems. Some are newfound old acquaintances, some are "long lost" team members and others are familiar seekers and lighthouses. I am filled with such gratitude to see the coming and going. I am grateful for each spark here on Earth who actively contributes to this overall process in their unique, beautiful and wondrously creative way. It just makes me want to dance and keep dancing.

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