Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holding the Focus

In the linear time-oriented reality, we have had a chance to explore life and re-create life by strictly (unconsciously) re-focusing on what was “real” the day before. We still operate like this to a large extent. In order to fully step into the co-creator role, there is something more that needs to be learned. I feel like I  know all that this co-creator role includes, yet my actually materialized results sometimes leave to be desired. I still re-create my current days one resembling the next. I feel that there’s something I haven’t quite put into practice enough, so that I can claim mastery of it. This little something, my inner voice tells me is “holding the focus”.

I do realize that with the letting go of the attachment to linear time, by means of stepping into the moment, by means of living in this ever expanding momentary state of now, I also step right up the smorgasbord of infinite possibilities. Some of those possibilities are very appealing to me and I am itching to explore them. Yet, for some reason (the voice is piping in that word “focus” again), so well, for that reason, I (obviously) have not had the results that should theoretically manifest in the physical world.

I am blessed with a touch of laziness these days, and I feel it has to do with fully exploring and integrating this timeless state of now. It’s ok, I can allow myself to sit in it a bit longer. However, as with everything that has been experienced long enough, boredom does seep in through the cracks and around the edges. I am excited at the possibilities that I can clearly perceive all around me. I feel it is going to be fun to explore and create and that, in and of itself, may be the crux of it all.

There are almost too many possibilities (“infinite” is kind of a large amount after all).  I can perceive them all at once even if I cannot describe each and everyone in detail. I can sense that they are all there, however, I cannot (yet) focus on more than one or three. And the more focal points I try to grasp, the more the first 2-3 focal points begin slipping away from my attentive grasp. (Perhaps it’s also just a tendency towards a state of ADD, but hey, who needs a diagnosis?)

My inner voice keeps telling me now repeatedly – it’s all about focus. The question is not how I can focus on whatever my heart desires to create, the question is, how strongly can I focus on it, with what intensity? How much of my heart energy (love) am I able to pour into this focal point, into the act of creation, into the creation, into the act of physical manifestation? So far, I’ve managed to hold the focus for a number of days, and smaller things do manifest in that time and even the outlines of the bigger things appear on the horizon of my field of perception.  I have noticed (and I believe that this is all part of my learning to consciously co-create), that some things begin to manifest and then, I forget about them, I forget, just don’t pay mind to them and they slip away again. It’s like they come out of a “fog” to show me it’s there, not quite real, but still the outline is there, the concept is there, the idea, the understanding of it all is there, yet it isn’t manifested yet, so it slips back out into the field of infinite possibilities.

I try to explain this with words that describe time and space, however it’s not really bound to time and space, it seems more to be bound by intensity of energetic focus. (The reader may forgive my repetitive and possibly rather boring blog post, but “focus” is the best (and only) word I can come up with right now).

With the correct amount of focus and intensity of focus, we can indeed conjure whatever our hearts desire and since we are coming from our heart, our wishes do never include harm inflicted on anyone else and that includes all sentient beings, which is the WHOLE of creation, and that also includes those beings without vocal cords, like minerals and plants. Furthermore, our consciousness at this level of existence does not allow the violation of the free will choice of another anymore.

The correct amount of focus may translate into however many days of pouring love energy from our hearts and loving intent into a creation. It may include the need to concentrate on this one thing alone, to visualize just that and not be distracted (at least at first) and it may include also being reactive to where we need to go, what we need to do, which patterns we need to clear, in order to prepare and consciously create the fertile soil to receive the physical manifestation we have embarked on creating.

This act of conscious creation will take on a form individual to the co-creator him- or herself (yeah, I mean you!). It is he or she who is entirely responsible for this creation and how it affects those around him or her.

While writing down this realization, my first hurdle in my own process of becoming a conscious co-creator popped up. I just realized that I rather scatter my focus, I rather shy away from the power this creating business holds, than risk causing harm to another. I guess, inner dialogue with the higher self is always a good way, to begin clearing out patterns and to then check each single creation that we wish to bring forth. Check it really well for all hidden and obvious implications it has – I am sure, my higher self will let me know very clearly with that gut feeling, with that sense of yes or no, whether any idea, any attempt to embark on creating something gets a green light. I will have to trust that and take responsibility once I begin to focus in earnest.

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