Friday, December 24, 2010

My Wish for This Christmas

On this year's Christmas Eve, I am wondering what hasn't been said yet about Christmas that I could say and I'm realizing, that there is probably nothing that hasn't already been noted, interpreted, learned, exclaimed, understood and taught. That's ok. I will not add my own opinions to the lot. I want to focus on the fact, that we, the humans, have for a number of centuries now taken this day (or two) and focused on gifts a whole lot.

I want to focus on a single gift and this is the gift that has been given to everyone - it is the gift of experiencing the love that we are. This gift lies here, patiently waiting to be opened, remaining here until every single one opens it in their good time.

Today, I am realizing, that it is a state of awareness that I choose to integrate more and more and it is my wish that I be able to anchor into this state completely in this life time - This is my wish for this Christmas.

Have a very peaceful Christmas!

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