Monday, December 27, 2010

Seizing the Moment

I've found myself in an unusual mood today. I'm actually feeling that deep cleaning my home is on - I do hope the desire to accomplish this task will last. It usually doesn't last I have to admit. Although I have been taught the art of cleaning in a professional manner at hotel school way back in the early 80s, it hasn't triggered this sense of wanting to keep my environment spotless at any given time. On the contrary, living in the creative chaos always has given  me a sense of connectedness. (I do admit that is a strange thing to say).

I am not much of a blogger today, but I feel that I do want to give this sudden desire to clean and not write a wee peek. Well, to be more honest still, I've seen my house and wanted to clean it in this manner for quite a while now but only did the necessary things to keep it somewhat acceptable. So the creation of wanting to clean it this way has been cooking within me for a while. How come, I find myself on all 4s today, hands clad in rubber gloves, scrubbing floors, nooks and crannies ? Isn't that something one does in Spring? Is it Spring yet?... I look outside and notice the buds on my nectarine tree - it certainly seems to think so!

Jokes aside, I think this blog isn't so much about Spring cleaning, nor housekeeping, but rather about seizing the moment. For all these days, cleaning would have been possible, but arduous at best. Today, when the energies were just so that I actually couldn't resist the rather uncommon desire to deep clean, I seized the moment. I didn't blog at the beginning of my day, as I normally do, but spent most of my time working on my project here. It feels very satisfying and I am absolutely certain that cleaning yesterday would have yielded only a fraction of the result I have achieved today.

Being in tune with these impulses, these desires that propel us into action and following their leads is the surest way to become very productive and efficient. I feel it is high time that I live much more often in this state of synchronicity with what my energies are capable of, what they are wanting to be spent on. Sure, I could forgo cleaning altogether, I could hire help, there are many ideas on how to keep a house clean. It matters little how I do it, what matters foremost is that I allowed myself the time when I didn't feel like this sort of activity and seized the moment when that activity was all I wanted to do. To live thus means to live in total harmony with one's own energies - something we surely deserve.

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