Monday, December 13, 2010


I've written about time before (see blogpost "Time" )
Things haven't changed much from this point of perception that I have written about a few days ago. Time still speeds past me, so fast that I realize that I'm not routinely shopping for groceries in the weekly rhythm I used to. In fact, I shop less, spend less and hey, nobody has starved yet in my house!

I want to go a step further. I want to talk about what happens when the perception of time becomes nil. Another way to describe this would be that time "collapses" onto itself, or into itself. Energetically, it's a detachment from the current time line. We can see young children absorbed in their activities function outside of time. That is because their notion of time hasn't been fully learned yet. Now when that happens to adults, after we have learned and played along with time for decades, it is an experience that is a bit discombabulating.

We become aware more and more that we are all one. In that oneness beyond the veil, that we actually already are, there is no time, nor is there a distinct sense of space. If there is a sense of sequence or spacial location, the spark whose eyes we are looking through, has already separated a wee bit in a process of individuation. The time factor on Earth is a peculiar one. I've pondered the 2012 date and the fact that the Mayans decided to discontinue their calendar. What if ... and this is merely a theory, a thought that popped into my mind, what if the perception of time itself ceased to exist? It's very possible that some theoretical philosophers have already explored this. I hardly ever watch any youtubes on these things, nor do I read up on others' opinions much. I've got this drive to form my own, so all what I am talking about today is just from my own head, unadulterated "me" so to speak.

So the idea of time collapsing, or the perception of time ceasing on or around 2012 is a distinct possibility for me. I do not believe however that the whole of humanity will look at their clocks the evening of 12/20/2012 and then wake up to --:-- on their clock's face the next morning.  (that would be funny through). I believe that around the time of the end of the Mayan calendar, opportunities may be present for more and more folks to experience that child like state again, where time just ceases to exist. That's when most people would do whatever they do without any reference to time. It doesn't mean that they would cease to do stuff, for I do recall actually being able to produce much more when I'm outside of time, be way more efficient or get much more playing into that expanded moment of timelessness than I would in a designated timed period of equal "length".

It remains to be seen what will occur come 2012. I don't think it's anything that we will remember as: - that's the day this ended, or that ended...or whatever. I think it could be that humanity as a whole is ready to experience more and more timeless moments and move towards a different experience without the stresses of the measured time. I believe that natural cycles will come back to be "en vogue", as we sway and flow with the energies that surround us.

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