Thursday, December 23, 2010

How to Navigate

The recent lunar eclipse has brought an energy surge, a cleansing and the subsequent opportunity to reset the emotional make-up inside. Folks have received energy transmissions, others felt themselves expand and gained clearer perceptions of their selves. This is unchartered territory for many and also for me, in a sense that I used to be quite alone navigating these kind of energies, but now that isn't so any longer. I am ecstatic about this. It brings me so much joy and a sense of loneliness has but dissipated - perhaps my own emotional cleansing.

Be that as it may, I would like to write about how I have been navigating these other realms so far. In no way shape or form do I claim "this is the right way!", I merely would like to write it down, just so that it's written down somewhere how one of the players in the world wide ascension drama navigates these energies... It may be something of value, or not. I'm ok with it being like that.

With anything "new" there is a tendency to sense apprehension, there is a tendency to feel fear of the unknown. There appears to be a great amount of energy that is coming in in waves. There is nothing to fear, for these are not energies that come from something other than yourself.

I'm lucky, I guess, for it isn't quite that unknown territory for me, but I do recall moments where this type of fear was a fact. What it takes is an attitude of trust and faith if you will. The Universe will never demand of you anything you are not equipped to handle. That's one of the basic laws of being incarnated here. So if you find yourself in this new energy field (you), if you find yourself integrating massive amounts of energy (you), if you find your body in a buzz (you trying to inhabit the body) and your mind quite blank, for it has no reference point for what it all means, then relax and breathe for a moment.

The Universe has seen you to be ready for it, or you wouldn't be in it! And since you're in it, you're able to handle it fully. It will take a bit of patience to identify the various energy patterns (parts of you),  as well as understanding their function. So this "you" business is in fact an increased awareness of self. That means, what we thought was our "self" is no longer valid - we've "grown" - expanded - or more accurately, our perception of who we are has expanded greatly. We can stand (sit, or lie) in awe of how large we've suddenly become - or we can chuckle, for we have always been this large (and here's a little secret... we're even larger than that, but that show is yet to come).

In a calmed down state, we can then imagine that we reach out with energetic tentacles of love energy to go and explore each corner of our new perceived self. We can be like children in this exploration and fully take in the amazement, the wonder, as well as the new background information, that it's not really new at all - that we have always somewhere known to be this large, this expansive, this beautiful. The sensory perceptions will be individual. Some see, some hear, some feel - some do all at once - there is no judgment as to how you get to know your new view of yourself. The integration process can begin now, take a few moments each day to dedicate to this new exploration of your self and revel in the amazing ability of holding yourself in the love continuously. This too has been anchored in a way that if you give up the old teeter totter back and forth habits of "in the love", "out of the love" - "back in the love" etc, you'll experience this ongoing state of love.

There are no more boundaries of your heart unless you consciously put them there - it expands in ripples/waves continuously, it goes out and out and out and out and in this sensation, there are no limits. That of course can be scary again, but it mustn't be, for this love that shines in a light so bright,  is who we truly are - we always have been. We are just remembering it clearer now - as clear as we ever have.

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