Thursday, December 30, 2010

Are we Going Somewhere?

I've used the word "journey" quite a bit and even though I've traveled the globe wide and far on both hemispheres, that's not what is meant with that word. The inner journey, that's what I refer to as "the Journey". The Journey of Ascension it could also be called. As I am going along on my own personal journey of (self)-discovery, I realize that I'm not going anywhere really. How can, what appeared to be a motion from point A to point B now have lost this perception completely?

I believe that this is what I call a threshold, like a step into a plane of existence that is different from what it was before. I understand that the perception of "going from A to B" is one of the 3rd dimension. There's time involved for sure and there is motion involved, leaving A behind and reaching B. This means that in my old view, I left things behind (let them go) and "gained" or achieved new experiences. Recently, my focus point for the perception of things has changed. Time has fallen away, it has dissolved in my inner make-up. By dwelling in the moment every moment and only occasionally being caught in the time line, my focus point has become the heart. This has caused my perception of "me" as well of everything around me to shift quite dramatically.

Looking back, I can see a common denominator in all my experiences. It's the "me-factor"- I was always there, just in the right place, at the right time. No matter what the experience. If I place my consciousness in that anchor point of my own heart and look around me, the view has shifted from being linear to spiral, spiraling out from my own heart center. At the center, yes, that would still be "me". This means that the spacial perception is still there, the linearity however has dropped away. From this vantage point, I realize that my journey was never one from A to B. That was the helpful illusion that kept me going until it was no longer necessary to uphold this illusion.

What is it then, this "journey", if not from A to B? All I see now is the totality of the things I've seemingly let go of, as well as those things that have come into my life - I do see beyond the horizon of what has already manifested or been experienced, the potential of things (experiences etc) which can be attracted, should I so choose. It's all there spiraling out from the centermost point of my heart. Nothing is lost, nothing has been gained - all of me just IS. What has changed, most definitely so, is my conscious recognition of who I am and what I am doing here. Most of all - I realize that all of what I see has always been here, in the moment. It's not that all of a sudden, I've "become" something that I wasn't before. It's more that now I see clearer what I couldn't see before.

This tells me that the actual journey is one of looking at the very same thing from different view points. There isn't any work to be done to "become" something. There isn't any attempts to be made to be something I am not already. All that I will ever be is already there. What this journey has brought me is ever new ways to look at it and perceive my totality. I enjoy this current view, but I have a hunch that this won't be the last point of view I'm going to have.

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