Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bare Necessitites

I have just barely given myself the go-ahead to peek out from underneath my protective covers when the next challenge stared straight at my face. There was nothing really in the physical realm to trigger this challenge at this specific moment,  other than my own inner knowing that "it's time" to embark on the search of what I hope and guess is one of my last big hurdles. The integration into my physical form.

I've had this thought upon waking up and it hasn't let me go yet. It is everywhere I look. I am so sorely aware that I'm in a place that reeks so utterly of "beginner" that I have hardly the courage to speak of it. I do so anyways, mainly because it makes it so beautifully relevant for me and there's no cowardly denial or backing out possible. Hah! Gotcha!

Alright, I'm nailed to the issue here. The problem is, I have no clue what it would mean to integrate myself into the physical form. At least not consciously, so what's left is that I use what gifts, talents and knowledge I have and light the fire to burn from the top down, by burning high up which will cause embers to drop and form that foundation. (I have built real fires like this and some have actually managed to burn just fine - others lacked fuel at the bottom and went out.)

Truth is, until this day, I've sailed by, only partially using my physical body and compensating a whole lot on the energetic side of things. I admire folks who seem to have come with this love for anything earthly and the ability to dig in the ground and bring forth plants. Some plants grow in my garden, but they are mainly the ones that grow best when you ignore them. Those that require more attention and care ...well.... I just have adjusted and not planted them, just another way to avoid the issue I guess. No matter, it wasn't time to take this last hurdle which is the first for most others. Now, however, it seems to meet me wherever I look, no matter how I try to sidestep it. I'm cornered, it's here and in the background I hear the song "Bare Necessities" which seems to be comfortingly fitting.

One of the embers has dropped - I think I like this hint and will go dancing barefoot for a while...

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