Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Creations - Pieces of Art

As I listen to some music that so entirely familiar to me as if it came straight from my essence's vibrations, I realize that every creation, be it big or small, be it words, novels, poetry, spoken words,  be it music, be it visual or just something as simple as a tender touch, is indeed a work of art. I include the not so beautiful creations here as well for the the sake of balance and completeness. We have navigated life time after life time through the experience of duality to learn the discernment of good and bad, to learn discernment period.

We can look at marvelous pieces of art, we can listen to symphonies playing the frolicking expressions of the essence of higher dimensional beings, we would possibly not think of debating or discussing the makings of these pieces of creation. We accept them, we may not like the same ones, but here and there one piece or the other will speak to us like it was meant just simply for our senses alone. We would never dream of treading harshly on such sacred ground, for the sacredness these pieces of art hold is apparent, visible, audible and untouchable. There is no question of right or wrong, for gazing on them, listening to them, or reading their words propels us straight to the dimensions they reflect, where judgment simply does not exist, where the sacredness is respected, honored and understood by all dwelling there.

With the transition from the dualistic world of 3D into a slightly higher frequency (I say slightly on purpose, for in the scope of the whole, it IS but a slight increase). Things like art and creation become more important than ever before. Moments of creation are facilitated by the various platforms of the internet and shared freely, which is entirely in line with these higher vibrations. What has not quite been integrated yet, is how to treat these various pieces of art and creation that many people now share freely on the net and elsewhere in their daily lives. Ever so often, the more courageous souls who cannot help themselves but share their essence, share their art in the way they know how, get pulled into a discourse, a debate, as if art could truly be discussed. Their sharing is thus being trampled on, their openness violated and their vulnerability is used. This is in fact a form of energy theft, for what happens when an  open and sharing person is treated with "heavy artillery" that is often disguised as "I just needed to clarify" or some such? The author's energy is intimately linked and contained in the piece of art, the words he or she is freely sharing, the pearl of wisdom that the point of view presents, the gift it is to the world at large. When that piece of creation, that work of art is torn apart by innocent seeming questions, by debates, by discussions that try to define right from wrong in the style of 3D, the author's energy is directly receiving a blow and is draining out, usually towards the "attacker". This is a form of energy theft and possibly the single most important cause for people of higher frequency feeling depleted to the point of being unable to function in their lives, when in contact with people residing in lower frequency.

There are lessons involved for both sides of course. It is utterly important that each person learns to hold their frequency no matter what happens, or who tries to tear the fabric of their creation apart. It is however equally important for those residing in lower frequency to learn to build up their own energy supply straight from the source, rather than from people around them. There is indeed enough energy to go around, an infinite supply.

It is in my experience imperative for those of lower frequency to come to an understanding of decorum if nothing else, that words shared are a piece of art, they are a creation, they are not fair game to be torn apart. Honor and respect goes to the person who freely expresses him or herself before anything else. Without this kind of decorum, guideline if you will, on how to treat each other, we run risk to keep treading around in the same lessons for a long time, which of course is a choice.

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