Friday, January 21, 2011

Unity Consciousness

2011 ! The year where humanity at large is supposed to find into unity consciousness. There are theories out there, hypotheses and interpretations. Every person has their own view of this and even if they are similar in gist, they may differ quite vastly. I'm always interested in finding the essence of things, I've got this unstoppable mind that seeks the energetic signature of whatever it is contemplating. Sometimes I find the underlying essential thing that I'm looking for. When I contemplate unity consciousness, it could become really grand, excitingly important and large. This could result in huge explanations of what it is, how it's to be perceived, how to facilitate it. That's all good and well and as much as I strive for simplicity with my way of searching for the essence in things, concepts, thoughts, other people may strive for the overview, the fleshed out image. Both are most needed to give a complete picture in my opinion. It's just that my drive is to dive for the simple pearl.

When I think of unity consciousness, the word "oneness" comes to mind. "All that Is", the ONE - I've used these terms before without explaining much what they mean to me. No matter how individualized I am, I am also part of a whole. It's undeniable, although at times I tend to set myself apart from it, for reasons of comfort only though. In the back of my mind, the understanding of being one with all that is permeates my thinking. So if I am one already, if I am this All that IS - energy, I am sitting in the field of Unity Consciousness.

Consciousness means I'm aware of it. Yes, I can say that I am aware of being All that IS in my energetic state, at the same time as being individualized in my current form. It is perceivable simultaneously. At the essence of all of this is one unwavering understanding. This unity consciousness IS the awareness of unconditional love, for that is what the ONE is in my experience. Unconditional love is thus the gateway to unity consciousness. It can also be the marker, to see whether unity consciousness has been reached and to make things really easy, every person is already perfectly capable of experiencing this unconditional love.

It is often experienced by new parents for their babies, it overcomes us spontaneously when we see and love the beauty Mother Earth's displays. Most of us love to see babies of all species. It's always that sweet feeling of love we have towards the wee ones. Most of us anyways. Well, since that's a guess, I'm going to boil it down to myself. I most definitely am always overcome by a flood of unconditional love when I see a baby (any species). Whether I get to hold it or just see it, whether it's just a picture on a calendar or a nature show, it matters not. That feeling is there, that flood of unconditional pure love that flows through me at the sight of a baby. That's one (very simple) way I experience unconditional love and through that ability I access unity consciousness instantly.

I had an angel recently whispering to me that it's time now that people find themselves in unconditional love. I believe him.

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