Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Vibrational Distortions

Today I had an experience that was downright a bit freaky. I realized this morning that I was klutzier than normal with frying pans flying off the kitchen counter and such stuff, just because I had not truly gauged the distance from my elbow to the pan's handles. I've got a long (really long!) history of stumbling across thresholds, falling on my nose, stepping onto my own toes, walking into corners of hallways, posts or door frames and I always suspected that this did not have that much to do with the astigmatism in my eyes, but more with me not fully being in my physical body (whatever that means, for I don't think I've ever really been there).

It seems that today's sensation of feeling a bit "removed" goes right along with this state of not being in synch with my physical body. It is as if the energy bodies are running ahead a bit. It's never been a fully functional unit, I admit and it has given me many troubles in the past. Today's klutziness however was more than I am used to. I couldn't hold stuff in my hands without it tumbling to the floor as if I had grabbed a hand full of sand. It wasn't even palpable. I felt the substance the stuff I tried to hold was made of, but just not quite and it almost became alive in my hands. Given, I am a rather uncoordinated person. I have not quite mastered my gross motor skills yet, (I do knit very well though, so fine motor may be ok).

Needless to say, it was in public and it was rather embarrassing to me to be seen trying to hold a few items and have them  fall, or rather jump out of my hands, then  pick them up to just have the same thing happen to me again seconds later. I was really glad when my daughter took pity on me and grabbed the items from my hands. She held them just fine in her significantly smaller hands, so it couldn't possibly have been awkward shapes or the likes.

This incident made me reflect on the whole experience a bit. What if it wasn't just my clumsiness that I've always known to possess? What if this was another sign of residing in a different frequency, where things are just not quite in synch with where the rest of the world seems to operate? I think the likelihood of this being at least partially true is very great. I can only try to explain that situation of losing the grip on the items, or better explained, of not quite getting a firm enough grip on the items so that they would stay in my hands. It most definitely looked to my mind's eye as if the fabric, the frequency of matter just wasn't as dense anymore - or the spaces between the items rather. I could see the gaps and feel that I was not in the same vibrational frequency as the material things I tried to hold. My kid obviously was just fine with it.

Here is how it looked to me: The items were clearly visible, as always giving me the impression that they are real, 3D and all. The space between the items had a sound. Normally, I do not perceive a sound between things. This time, I recognized this sound and there was a sense of it being tangible fabric, not just "air". It was almost gel-like. As I remember it, it had no color, but it did have gel-like bubbles. It was permeable, but not as stable as I am used to it being. This description seems to be describing the opposite effect, "air" being more stable than gel-like substance, but it is not that way. The "air" between things of matter has a very defined and clear edge to it. It's stable in that it is like a lattice of clear energy. What I saw was like a broken down version of this clear, crisp lattice that made the borders between items less clear and more slippery.  This gets really weird, as I'm trying to explain it, so I'm going to stop and just let this experience be noted for further reference, as I believe that there may be more such "wobbles" in my perception in the next 2 years and beyond.
Interestingly enough, this phenomenon stopped once I came back into my own home, my space, my frequency.

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