Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness

During the last 2 days, any kind of heart felt music would trigger a flood of tears. I wasn't sad or anything. Life is actually going just fine. Yet there I was, listening to the wonderful compositions and tears were streaming down my face. Thankfully, I'm not wearing any mascara, so ruined make-up was one problem I didn't have. I've followed the intensity of the energetic wave that hit my heart so unexpectedly and found that I had tapped into the pool of human suffering, simply by opening the compassion department in my High Heart chakra. I've checked in whether it was truly necessary for me to reside in that frequency, for there were other things to do than to cry over my dinner plate. Very calmly, I realized that the sobs were so natural for me, they weren't the kind of sobs that leave you with puffy eyes and a headache, those come from personal drama, not from release of suffering for others. I realized that the tears I was crying weren't my own. They were uncried tears of so many people that I don't know personally, yet am connected to nevertheless.

There was no other choice for me than to live the unity with these souls. To transform with the capacity for compassion that I have and thus, after about an hour's worth of cleansing some of that energy, of expressing some of those tears, my "task" was done and no further tears came.

Today, I'm still somewhat "built on the water", but I feel that I am not alone in this cleansing team. There may be others who feel moved to sob out deeply felt grief and random suffering, in order to transform that energy field by infusing it with infinite love and compassion. To be "hit" seemingly in surprise with this task feels like a great honor to me and it is quite an easy thing to do. There is no mistaking this work from lack of boundaries and taking on someone else's stuff. That feels entirely different. I do not feel one single bit of what I have transformed yesterday has remained in my energy bodies. I would say, this is simply a task that greets those of us who either have contracted to do that job or are simply in a space where they are able to do this without getting confused.

One thing is for sure, it's always good to have a box of tissues handy!

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