Thursday, January 27, 2011


We had an absolutely glorious day, Spring weather, warm rays of sunshine and a crystal clear sky. It felt crisp today - clean. With the wonderful sensation of having the sunshine in my face, I cherished the moments of fresh air, peace and quiet mixed in with some bird sounds. Truly spectacular and it has left no space for lengthy musings. There's almost nothing I could say at this point. The experience of the now moment is so utterly vast and complete, there literally isn't anything that catches my immediate attention. I float and even as I walk across my back yard, I still float, the feet caressing the surface of the Earth on the soft soil, still laden with moisture from the heavy rains. This is when poetry, art and music are seemingly the only avenues left to express the mood. There are no problems, even though in my mind I could come up with a few worries. There are no obstacles, even if I could make the dramatic obstacles become huge and near insurmountable. These things are not worthy of today. Today is a glorious day in full absence of obstacles, even if drama was in my day for a brief moment, brought to me by a sweet soul who possibly had the task to bring contrast and show me the difference.

All is one, oneness is sweet love and there's nothing to fear. That, I believe, is a state where conflict just has no room, where emotional entanglements just do not hold up, they fall apart before the energy that is present and permeates my whole existence. The sensation that is foremost describable is: "Everything is in its rightful place to hold its spot and play its role in the fabric of creation". To know such "rightness" is pure divine blessing.

Namaste - I bow to you.

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