Monday, January 17, 2011

Good Intentions

"The road to ruin is paved with good intentions". One of those good intentions are "activation"-help in my opinion. I understand that it is really amazing to be part of these "activists" to take part in directing energy and have the sense of "WOW, I activated this gate, this shift, this energy - whatever it is that currently gets "activated". I am fully aware, that coming together in groups and merging in essence, on the same drum beat so to speak, is a wonderful experience that can trigger huge amounts of personal growth for the participants. It is not that I would dare advise against nor for participation in such undertakings. All I am trying to do is broaden the understanding of what may not be considered by those proposing to meet and merge and activate.

Energies do follow the thought impulses of those creating these activations. That part is very real. It can be felt, it can be seen, it is made very very real and thus is interpreted generally with a "wow" factor and given a whole lot of importance by those who actually felt what went on, as well as by those who would have liked to belong to a group and participate, but couldn't for some reason - those usually may experience a feeling of having been left out - well they have, but that's not all bad.

What usually doesn't get considered is what these energies that have been called upon actually do. Depending on what entity, what Name is being called, invoked, prayed to or for that's like attaching the energies to that entity (Elohim, Earth, ONE, you name it...) From my point of view, none of these activations are actually necessary, for things are proceeding just fine. They are but the allowed passtime of the people who deem themselves "leaders" or "important". They are allowed to make that experience and it's all good.

However, the entity that this "activation" or better said "generating" of energy has been linked to gets to clean up after the kids had their role playing games. It may be wiser not to "assist" anyone of the beings that don't need assistance and leave their names out, take responsibility for oneself instead and say: "I, your name here, am generating this energy in order to learn and play, may it help me grow and increase my frequency." I find that such a statement other than the delusion to "assist" a being who is fully able to do their own job, would be so much more honest in my opinion.

This time, the Earth is playground to many beings that assist the ascension process. They may be known, or utterly unknown. They have a body and are very much human in form. Their essence however is one of such high vibration that the playing here on Earth is really quite a stretch for them. People who have incarnated thus, who can call these very high energies their essence have been working on this ascension process incessantly,  next to living their "normal" lives. They give every ounce of their essence into this glorious process to assist the Earth and all is laid out in perfection. They don't really need "activation teams" here on Earth and end up cleaning up the entangled energies that come from such playful activities from the "activists", which leaves their incarnations, their human bodies tired, waking up again and again every morning with the distinct notion, that they've worked so very hard all night - which they have.

Anyone who feels drawn to "assist" in activations, who wants to learn to manipulate energies is of course welcome and fully allowed by the Universe to do so. All I am pointing out is - if you create something, it may be important to keep your eyes open and finish the job. As the kid's  rhyme goes: Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere - Clean up, clean up, everybody do their share!

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