Friday, January 7, 2011


Some days, like today are meant to show that we have our limits here in the physical realm. I certainly am finding myself no better than when I woke up this morning - utterly exhausted. I have obviously been busy again in the other realms. Those are the days when thinking is a chore, any physical activity almost beyond my capabilities, even the tiniest things present themselves as near insurmountable obstacles. I have the luxury to give in and be this vulnerable, this weak. I have that luxury, yet I find myself still fighting the inevitable: "today is an utterly non-productive day!" Even "producing" this blog is a stretch. But I am committed, and even though thinking is difficult, I write this down so that others may feel a bit less alone if they go through days like these.

I believe these are the days where one opportunity is often missed. The opportunity to learn to ask for help. I have a long standing thing where asking for help is nearly impossible. After all, I'm fully capable, pretty much in anything my life demands of me and if I'm not, I'll find out how !... Today, is not one of my more glorious days, today I feel vulnerable beyond belief. Other than giving in, asking for help where needed, admitting these moments of vulnerability to oneself at least, if not to a trusted loved one I have no remedy to "fix" these states of exhaustion other than taking naps, drinking lots of fresh water and giving myself time to recover from whatever it is I am recovering from.

Each person experiencing these energetically exhaustive states will have their own way of dealing with them. One thing that always helps me is turning to the arts. I listen to music that soothes and nourishes me and I look at things that my eye calls beautiful. In that, I give myself permission to be pampered, to take a break, to just be, exhausted and all, still and sacred in the capacity of my own heart.

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