Friday, January 28, 2011

Disintegrating and Restructuring

At the dentist today, I was hearing a diagnosis that for many would mean the recommended trip to the periodontist, with subsequent bone graft surgery to "fix" the bone loss that causes one of my teeth to wiggle. I have maintained my teeth rather well and am a stickler for flossing, so it's most likely those blows I had received from my older brother when I was little, or simply a genetic thing that my bone decided to loose it's density and disintegrate.

I am in a healing profession, yet not the standard mainstream one. I help many folks on a daily basis to get well, to mend their bones, to deal with their viruses and their whole constitutional issues. It's easy, it comes natural to me and now I've been presented with one of the greatest tasks ever. Either go the "traditional" route or try to fix myself. I do believe in "mind over matter", so I've already begun weaving the tapestry onto which the bone can find it's structure and grow again. I'm looking at homeopathic remedies and Bach flower applications for the "zone". The indicators of what the topic is that I'm dealing with is clear - Bach Flower zone calls for "Willow" and as I had done the first application, I've had vivid child hood memories and indeed emotions of resentment and bitterness because of them that I had obviously held in that zone, to the point of self-destruction.

I've also faced yet another little thing - I've actually asked for help - 2 trusted sources already and a 3rd is planned. Me, asking for help ?? well, yes, that apparently was on my menu today as well.

In it all, I can't help but see it as a chance to move from the old paradigm into the new. Anything goes, the way I practice homeopathy has presented me with ever new ways of healing, always more simple and more efficient. I do believe that I get to have a "make over" for my bone structure, my teeth and my cells all over, since for days now I've felt nearly like "disintegrating" and "restructuring" - two energetic movements which are exactly what I feel my bone mass has been doing (well at least the disintegrating bit!). Time will tell whether I can present my dentist with a miracle x-ray in a few months, or whether I will have to face the incredibly invasive methods (body and wallet) of the traditional health professionals.

I hope that my notion is correct and our physical temples will get a chance for repair, as we move up in frequency.That doesn't mean we should stop treating our physical bodies well, feeding them healthy things and drink plenty of fresh water, give it exercise and fresh air. I think maintenance goes a long way, but for those genetic dispositions, we may just get a little bit of help from the Universe. I'm open to receive it!

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