Thursday, January 13, 2011

On a Path

I am often rather frustrated with the limitations of the language that describes processes, experiences, depicts landscapes of viewpoints and epiphanies. I'm still typing up something every day, as I have promised myself to do and I will bear with my own frustrations.

Mainly, when I read about topics that have to do with phenomena of "ascension" I get frustrated, for even if the writer (myself included) just describes something, there is that linearity, that polarity that is so inherent in our language, any language for that matter, unless we count the intuitive unintentional body language, which is possibly the purest form of communication for those able to read it.

I wonder, and have most certainly been caught by the same limitations, how other writers feel. Do they notice, that the very thing they feel so strongly about is being torn apart by the written word ? All a writer can do is hope that the reader senses the intent behind the words. Can we however truly assume that any writer has a full grasp on what they are trying to say ? No, I fear not. I risk with these words the judgment of those who feel that I too have not the full grasp of what I'm saying, and perhaps - well, most likely even - they are correct. The written language can be interpreted any which way. I have blogged for a number of months now, every day and have gotten feedback that clearly indicates that the material I presented was received through massive filters and was understood in a very distorted manner. (meaning - a lot different from what my writing was trying to convey). That's the risk, that's the sadness in writing and not being understood the way it is intended - something I'm sure every writer has to live with. In fact, not just every writer, but anyone communicating with another for that matter.

I cannot scold anyone who reads my blogs for interpreting, being an unprejudiced observer is one of the most difficult skills one could strive for in my opinion. Truth is, nobody can walk in anyone else's shoes. There are as many paths to ascension as there are people. Some travel on parallel roads and even if they look exactly the same, I do not believe that they are in fact the same. Neither is better than the other. Once ascension and enlightenment is reached, there isn't much to say anymore - there isn't much to proclaim, for one knows at that point of the value of the myriad of different paths and honors and respects each and every one of them. At no point of ascension one is better than the other. It's just different. The linearity of understanding, enforced and trained through the millennia of 3D lives is so strong that I am plenty willing to give it a fair amount of time before we can see a shift in this. I wonder, truly am very curious how humanity will communicate once the shift into the higher dimensions is fully achieved (will it ever be?).

I find it very important to repeat: any spot on any path towards ascension (and I believe we are all on "a" path one way or another) is a valid spot. It's a great spot to be, for it is the spot where anyone is now. Coming to this point of perspective, it is evident, that any and all judgment of where anyone is on their journey, which is sacred and ultimately totally unknown to anyone else other than the traveler alone, is but a moot point.

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