Sunday, January 23, 2011

What can I trust ?

We all know that sometimes in life, you just gotta trust - against all odds so to speak. That seems to me is one of the hurdles we face during this time of accelerated vibrations. How can we settle into a place, adjust to our new vibration and learn to trust it, when just a few weeks later, we're going through the next wave of increase in frequency. It doesn't look easy surfing these waves. Deep inside, however, I realize that the further I go, the more the elaborate concepts fall apart. They become simply void in my belief system. Yes, I can still honor them for the space they held, for the understanding they gave me, but if I'm truly honest, they are outdated and just don't feel right any longer. There are many mental concepts like that, belief systems they are called as well.

If there has been one steady thing on my journey, it's a move towards simplification. Things that appeared so utterly confusing and complicated to grasp just aren't that any longer. I seek their essence and boil it down to the signature energy they carry. The fancy language, the incredibly puffed up scenarios and constructs that they have simply disappear, they are no longer needed (nor wanted for that matter). One thing that has brought me to this ever more simple way of looking at things has been the stubborn insisting on my part to keep trusting what I felt inside myself was true to me. This has been tested heavily by some blatant mirror bashers in my life that show me how they could in one sentence wreck havoc with what I'm trying to explain, yet my innermost calm, my understanding of it never falters. I have learned to fully trust myself and I feel that it is indeed necessary in the face of the increased "rearing of the heads" of what is called "negative entities". I just see it as the throes of this letting go process and honor it for what it is. Fearless and trusting in my ability to hold High Heart Consciousness throughout whatever storms enter into my reality. (There are less and less storms actually).

So I speak of trust. Perhaps some readers would like to be able to fully trust themselves as well. I can tell you how it came to me.  For me, it has clearly been a conscious decision to fully trust myself. It was a conscious intent to commit to myself foremost and with all parts that make me "me". It was a process of acceptance of who I am, including ALL my flaws, as well as ALL my talents and good points. The totality of "me" was what I needed to honor and so I did.

It definitely felt like a form of commitment, it is a sacred contract to follow one's own path, no matter what others do. It may look distorted to others, but if  I hold this trust (some may call it faith, but faith depends on something outside myself, whereas trust is trusting my innermost), without being closed minded to others' ideas and perceptions, (one should remain open, yet trust one's inner voice/gut instinct etc.), then I have accessed the greatest tool that there is. I then give my higher self the permission to lead this life as it sees fit and I fully trust that it's going to be perfect for me, giving me the opportunities for further growth and fulfillment of my contracts all aligned with the divinity of my nature. If I can't trust that, then what can I trust ?

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