Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pet Peeves

I've got nothing better to do today, than to look at something leftover for me to clear out. It is this urge to clear, clean, make room that lead me to this moment. I'm sure there's a few things in my make-up that could stand a good clearing, but my attention is drawn to one of those things that are labeled "pet peeves".  Pet peeve is defined as: "Something about which one frequently complains; a particular personal vexation.". One characteristic of a pet peeve is, that it's rather personal, that means others may not feel the way I do about certain things and feel that it's quite easy to live when people do what they do that so irks me.

As I have grown more and more free within, I have let go of many critique worthy things that I have observed in my environment. I have grown more compassionate and accepting. One thing, perhaps my main pet peeve still has a stronghold though and today is a good day to do away with it, as I've just nurtured this place of irk-dom within me, perhaps to keep having some reason to get huffed up and have a dramatic reaction within myself. At this point, the tedium of having this pet peeve and keeping it alive outweighs the loss of drama it's disappearance would most certainly bring.

OK - here it goes: My main pet peeve is "ignorance". I absolutely go bunkers within when I'm faced with ignorant people. Ignorance is defined as: "The condition of being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed."

Mind you, I have no problems where being educated, aware and informed isn't expected, due to age, personal background etc. I have absolutely no issues with that. The way my pet peeve keeps alive and signaling it's mirror thing is when I am faced with people who COULD technically be aware, but refuse to (for whatever reason). Frankly, what good does it do that people are THAT uninformed? (when it comes to topics that I am fascinated with ...teehee). The full hypocrisy of my own pet peeve is just about now hitting me full force. OK - there are topics where others are fully informed and these topics just bore me, so I don't even bother to be informed - I'm utterly ignorant of certain things, that I could get educated on and become aware of. I just don't "want" to get educated in politics for example, it's just not something that interests me at all. I'm utterly and entirely ignorant when it comes to this topic and I have to admit that I'm ignorant. I'm my own pet peeve! There's the mirror, the one bit I have so strongly avoided to integrate. There is no shame in admitting this, it's just a process, I am in cleaning mode and I'm cleaning my own "house".

Upon seeing through the woven fabric of my pet peeve, I see that it has been waving it's mirrored flag at my face for years. I've successfully been ignorant of it !.... This moment makes me break into a big fat grin - I do love word games! It's hilarious, it's refreshing that I don't have to uphold my ever so pompous allknowingness any longer to maintain this pet peeve. It's ok to focus on certain topics and not on others. I know that, have known that all along, but my own inner standards for myself were out of proportion, therefore I had created this pet peeve that kept me out of balance and at the same time signaled this imbalance to me ever so forcefully. I feel its hold on me diminish as I honestly take a look at it and untangle myself from it's hold. Accept, integrate and skip on happily to the next task, no need to dwell.

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  1. Thanks for the idea that pet peeves mirror back to us something we need to 'clean up' for ourselves. Very useful.