Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Giving Back to Mother Earth

The Earth is putting us to the test. Floods, Bushfires, Storms, other unruly weather patterns have erupted and are in full force at this time. There are questions like "is this the armageddon"?. I do not know. All I feel is, that humanity is being put to the test. Have we reached enough "heartspace" to reside in it fully and send all the areas that are being pummeled at this time energetic support?

Of course there are voices that speak of "this is but the cleansing". or "the Earth knows what she is up to". That may even be accurate, but does humanity know what it could be up to ? I fear not quite. We have long since begun believing in the illusion that we hold very little or no power at all, that we are too small and weak, but this is so far from the actual truth. I suggest getting active from wherever you reside, you can select a piece of music, that helps you to open the heart chakra if you need that kind of assistance.

Allow then your heart energy to pour out, visualize with all your might that the areas where disaster has struck are engulfed in this light. If this visualization is not working for you, bring in the crystal grid, the energy grid of crystalline energy that is in place and envelops the planet. See this grid of blue/white energy in geometric pattern. Do not worry to "get it right". Visualize this with your heart wide open and you will perhaps be guided further, or you could then see the energetic connection from the stars to the Earth, from the pink crystal to the blue crystal in the energetic center of our Mother Earth and focus your love for all that is into this visualization.

This will instantly make a "light worker" out of you, for you work with light when you do this! If you do not care for this title, that's fine too, then you're just helping the Earth ascend, which isn't a small feat at all.

It is time that we thus band our collective powers together and keep helping the Earth transform along with us. She has carried us for millennia, she has given unconditionally and now, it's time to give back.

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