Saturday, January 15, 2011

Exploring the High Heart

As the ascension energies fluctuate, ebb and flow, the awareness levels ebb and flow right alongside. To hold one's own level of awareness is sometimes quite difficult, especially since at times it's good not to hold on to them and flow with the next wave into a yet more expanded field of consciousness. Quite a game I find, this holding on, stabilizing and then letting go again to surf the next wave. One gift this ever expanding consciousness brings is the expansion of the innate abilities of ESP and intuition. All of a sudden, folks who have not even given a second thought to these things begin "reading" the energies automatically. I hear comments from friends that make me realize that they too have been swept into different planes of consciousness.

It's a wonderful thing in essence, but it also brings a renewed need for individual responsibility. This new openness that comes automatically with the increase in frequency,  has the blessing of triggering the opening of what has been termed the "High Heart". This is a "dormant" energy center that will become fully functional when a certain energetic vibration has been reached by an individual. This High Heart Chakra can be felt between the heart and the throat and it mainly promotes the experience and direction of unconditional love as well as loving communication, which is of course based on unconditional love.

This unconditionality bit is a fickle thing. I have not ever been able to feel unconditional love in my heart center alone. It always has triggered the High Heart as well. This is my personal experience and I'm not sure what all is written about it. I do know that the color therapy system Aura Soma attributes the color turquoise to this chakra, the blend of green (heart) and blue (throat). I've explored this High Heart energy on my own, but find that as it is in its nature to communicate, it is preferable to explore this energy with someone who resides on the same plane of consciousness and is equally able to experience and direct the flow of energy through this chakra. Only then (as it appears to me at this time) is the full extent of what this chakra governs palpable.

When there is an energetic communication going on between two souls who reside in the same plane of consciousness, there is no doubt as to what the spoken/written words are about. The energy of unconditional love permeates the whole exchange and it is reminiscent of the fibre (essence) of what souls are made of. In this state, there are no secrets possible. The souls communicating thus will not be able to hide anything. Only the withdrawal from this connection makes a bit of privacy possible. The unconditional love guarantees full trust, which is sometimes rather difficult to maintain otherwise.

I find that the energy generated and directed through the High Heart is possibly a direct link to understanding one's connection to the ONE without using any words, by merely experiencing the flow of this energy. In this state, the understanding of guarding the trust that is given by whomever one connects with is not only a responsibility, it becomes an unspoken honor and the sense of integrity that lies in this honor is in and of itself a state of perfection. To treat each other thus, I foresee, may be the only way to achieve ever lasting peace between humans, respect for each living thing and allowance for the free will choice of those who are able to choose.

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