Monday, January 31, 2011

Return to the One

A question seems to be in the air. "What will happen when duality collapses, when we all ascend, when we go back into the fold of the ONE"? (well that's actually 3 questions, but I'll address the last bit of it)

All I have to bring to this question is my current level of understanding and therefore it is but a philosophical discussion that I can openly begin here. Since in this form, I have not experienced the full return into the fold of oneness, I can only speak of the little glimpses I have experienced, the memories I have of other times when I had a form that actually returned into the oneness and I do have the experience of leaving the form and returning to the big, vast, never ending ONE.  One thing is unshakable for me. We are energy and energy does never cease to exist. There is hence no fear whatsoever that I would stop existing (or anyone else for that matter). However, energy can change it's form.

I believe that if there is fear of ascension, due to fear of ceasing to exist, we know instantly, that the lower self, the ego, is playing a part in that projection. The ego in and of itself will not cease to exist while we are embodied, but it possibly may lose it's connection to the "package of incarnation" if we leave our bodies behind. Depends on how much lower self is needed to navigate whatever dimension we will end up in. Frankly, I believe that the big hype about "ascension" into the 5th dimension (or whatever number is attributed) is but a very tiny baby step on the ladder that leads back to the One. Not that oneness cannot be experienced, or glimpsed, but to believe that we come from the depth of 3rd dimensional experience and have gone through that huge chain of incarnations to explore each and every thing we set out to do and then end up "home" in one move seems to me to be a bit of a limited view. Of course going "home", back to merging into the pool of One is our goal, so I have no issue in those believing that after this bit of ascension we'll be done. Personally, I think we're far from being done playing the game after we reach the next dimension as a collective.

There is a different aspect of this. (In my belief and current understanding, ) the One sparked itself out to explore itself, to gain knowledge of itself. To experience itself. To believe that we will now return to the One and everything will be as it was before the moment the One decided to go on this quest would simply be but belittling to the One's great Creation. How can we believe that there won't be a difference in how the One perceives itself from before the intent to learn about itself and after all the sparks reintegrate? I can only glean from my own little perspective, that even one month ago, I had less understanding of who I was than I do now and I know that it's by far NOT a full understanding that I hold today. My understanding and perception of what it's like to be cradled in the energy of all that is has changed as well. One thing has remained the same however and I do not know whether that is due to the fact that I still am in physical form. There is the sense of individuality, right next to the sense of oneness, right "on top" of it actually, as the two impressions hold the same energetic place.

If I go by the premise that one cannot unknow, I think that goes for the One as well. As above so below and vice versa. Of course it is mere speculation and my understanding may change as early as the next second, but based on my own excursions into the fold of the One, during a near death experience, during meditation, during escapes from danger, I have always retained my sense of individuality (not attached to the lower self, nor higher self, but my essence, which I believe to be the very spark that the One sent out). I cannot think that we will return into the state the One was in before sending out sparks, I believe that we will return and enrich into the totality of individualized sparks that will never "unknow" their sense of individuality, yet brought together they will be the whole as well, simultaneously and the One will experience itself differently for that.

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