Saturday, January 29, 2011

Witness to Change

Weather is not something that bothers me much anymore. Sure, I don't like the cold seeping into my bones in Winter. I'm possibly happiest in tropical climates, but alas, the place I've been stationed at isn't tropical. It's ok, I really like it here. It's by far warmer than my homeland, which is currently experiencing a "real winter". I am fully aware that predictions or talk about global warming isn't on my plate today. It's not about that. What I experienced today was a sideways connection to a vision I had about 4 or 5  years ago. I say vision, because that was what it was.

At the time I was out camping and fishing on a smaller lake in Oregon, where the trout are still plenty and the sunsets magnificent. The only thing that had bothered me while I had gazed along the lake's shore were the pine trees. There were huge areas of forest eaten up by the pine beetle. I was bothered that the trees weren't green like the rest of them. I was bothered by the sense of destruction. Yet, during my emotional connection to that devastation, this vision came to pass, where I was assured that this destruction was part of a greater picture. I was looking at a very small area of Mother Earth's surface and although it looked large to me, I was assured that the damage was minimal, but really necessary. The beetles were hard at work to help shape a new world. These trees were dying for a reason. I was shown that the climate in this zone would change to a much warmer climate. Not quite tropical, but very close to it. It was a climate that I couldn't place anywhere else for comparison. This may be that I just haven't visited a place with such a climate during my world travels, or that indeed, the climate in Oregon was going to be something completely new. In the vision I saw how the fauna would change to less evergreens and more leafy greens - in fact, there were plants I didn't recognize. The air was filled with a sweet scent uncommon to this state at this time. It was very real to me and I felt a calm ease about the new climate which supported life in a very luscious manner. (not that Oregon isn't doing that already now). There was simply nothing harsh about this climate. So I can best compare it to "tropical, but not quite tropical, i.e. not quite as humid, not quite as hot. There was still a sense of seasonal cycles, but a lot less pronounced than what I am experiencing at present. One imprint was given to me during this vision and it was one of complete peace and abundance.

As for time, well, with visions you usually enter into the eternal now, so time is a very difficult factor. I cannot say if I will live in this body to experience that new climate, but I felt very much at ease since that vision, especially when seeing pine beetle damage in the forests or subsequent wild fires wiping out large forest areas.

I connected to the memory of this vision, whilst opening all doors and windows to my house to let in Spring air - for Spring it seems to be today, regardless of the calendar suggesting that it's still the depth of Winter and we should have lots of rains with the warmth we are experiencing, or if the sun is out, it's normally freezing cold.

Along my journey, I have wondered over and over, will I see the change? Will I really notice? Today, I have to say "yes!" This IS the change I've been waiting for. It's here, its subtle perhaps it's just a "warm year" - but the energies of this unusually warm Winter weather combined with blue skies are so very different than "warm spells" I've seen here in other years. I won't cry if it turns back to be the usual "Winter drag", but I welcome this day, the sunshine, I welcome the change that I see today. I welcome that it's here. I imagine it will toggle back and forth, just like the energy shifts we have been noticing, just like anything that is being born, but truly I  rejoice today, for I am indeed witness to change.

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