Monday, January 24, 2011

It's Simple!

Our lives have become so incredibly complex. That's putting it nicely. If I look at it a bit closer, I'd call it "cluttered". Within the barrage of electronic input (only one of the sources of clutter), there is of course the blessing of the network, without which I couldn't reach people the way I do. Aside from that, I feel drawn to undo much of the clutter in my world. Outwardly, as always, my environment reflects the inner state of my being. For a long time my surroundings were very busy (to put it gently). I've since owned that "oh well, I'm just a slob"- tag and taken to making fun of myself. However, It's not about housekeeping really. (one would never guess that I've been to Hotel School....) It's about being in the flow of what energies are present within. I've had strange urges to Spring clean my abode lately and they have resulted in a less cluttered house. Well, to some it would still be a rather rich environment (again putting it mildly), but hey, baby steps, right?

As with everything I'm automatically taking the stance to go see what is at the essence of this renewed desire to downgrade in the department of belongings, knick knacks and useless (to me) items. It is as if I know now that there won't be a time when I'll need that (my standard excuse for my mild case of hoarding). I have the feeling that everything I will ever need, I mean really need, will come my way, when I need it. It's such a calm sensation that I wonder why I didn't succumb to it a long time ago. Well, there's little drama in such calmness...

The whole energy of de-cluttering actually seems to oscillate from within to without, back to within etc. It's an exchange that is palpable. I can observe the energies' dance quite clearly and as I grab one thread of the looping fibres, I realize quite naturally that as I simplify my beliefs and conceptual patterns, I automatically am able and desire to simplify the amount of "stuff" that has accumulated over the years. I like this approach, for the compensation of being a slob would have to be to become ultra-controlling of every little thing in my house, so that it fastidiously has to be put in its right place and thus give the appearance of uncluttered. That is equally an out-of-balance state, so if that's your experience, don't rest on it yet...An organically clean and clutter free environment has to match the inner state of peace and calm and simple thought.

How to tackle this little dance is quite simple. I endeavor to bring things, thoughts, experiences, beliefs to a point, to their innermost central core point. I simply let the elaborate concepts, the enticing stories and fleshed out dramas fall away by focusing on what something actually IS. It is not that hard to do. What I do pay attention to is not to buy into the often dramatic and elaborate scenarios that try to tell me life is difficult, complicated, confusing and therefore more special than any other concept etc. It used to be that way for me too, very much so and I let go of any judgments that may still be comparing one way of experiencing one's reality to the other.

For me it is NOW, it is HERE and it is SIMPLE. There are a number of existential, universal truths that have held steadfast for me, the central one being unconditional love. It simply isn't necessary any longer to buy into complicated theories, to put up extremely elitist philosophies and sell them to others. It's not important. I guess I've navigated far and long along those paths to have come what feels like "full circle", when I realize with a chuckle, that it's always been this simple all along.

I know that with this quiet understanding of how simple life really is at its core, my abode will undergo a very fluid, simple adjustment to reflect this change in my beliefs. Off to tackle the recyclables.

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