Sunday, January 9, 2011


There are countless methods, countless paths, countless ideas on how it's done this business of getting "enlightened". Books fill the shelves in homes, bookstores, even libraries - these books often claim to guide one to THE place, to know THE way.

During these last few days, the 3D pull has been quite intense in my experience. People have insisted on being right again. Others have claimed that this or that isn't the way it is. Messages that are meant for the person receiving them are being touted as messages for the broad masses. I feel that time hasn't arrived yet for the higher dimension(s) to stay. The waves of frequency vibrations go back and forth still, and quite possibly always will. The pull back into the concepts of solar plexus, of competition, of pitching one thing against the next have their purpose I'm sure. Whether we wish to dip into the things we have courageously said good bye to, once more to get entangled in the tentacles of the old paradigm isn't something to judge. It's a dance that is as individual as is nothing else here on Earth. Would you judge a dancer who is fond of Viennese Waltz, when you are dancing Hip Hop ? I don't think so. Thus is the to and fro of the old paradigm that entices some souls to dance in the old fashioned ways one more time, perhaps even the last time for some.

As I have blogged a number of times already, judgment brings strife, makes peace impossible. We can observe, we can even speak of what we observe, but we should not judge and if we find that we do judge, we could in the best case scenario at least be conscious that we are dancing in the old fashioned ways. That too is allowed. The next wave that breaks onto the beaches of the new paradigm will bring us there to try out the new steps of the newer dances, while we cherish the old that we have traveled through for so many life times. All is as it is supposed to be - all perspectives, all viewpoints and all experiences are allowed. To share them is only enriching as we navigate the waves and dance through these times of change.

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