Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our own Creations

OK, so we create our own realities, we're being mindful of our thoughts, most of the time at least. Some do so by stilling the mind and others by focusing on positive thinking and affirmations, some others still just don't focus on anything at all, but live wholesome lives and do quite well with their creations.

The other day, I've created something that I wasn't even aware that it was my creation. I had wanted to be "left alone, be untouched by anyone's thoughts". I had craved quiet solitude after a moment of incredibly deep embarrassment. A place where I could recoil into and gather myself again, where I could focus on who I am and realize again that nothing can really hurt me. I had such an intense desire to be in such a place, that it took but 2-3 seconds and there I was, in that wonderful plane of consciousness, minding my own business. I stayed in there most of the time and only came out "now and then" to interact with people. To be in that place felt really nourishing to me. Soon, the initial reasons why I went there in the first place were no longer an issue, the small shock I had received because I had opened myself up completely, was soon forgotten. Such is life in the physical plane anyways, nothing I hadn't experienced before. After about a week in this place, I found that I had actually trouble emphatically connecting with anyone, even my kids. Oh I could intellectually merge just fine, but emotionally, my vibration was at a different rate than that of anyone else I came in contact with. I learned a great deal during that week. I've seen things that I sort of knew but needed confirmation for. It was a very deep learning experience, yet it had left me bereft of that heart connection. Not that I had no heart energy in my place, but at some point, loving me, myself and I just seemed boring.

For the purpose of furthering my personal understanding I believe,  I've found a witness who was able to increase their energy to the same frequency of the plane of consciousness that I was residing in and there was great rejoicing the moment we energetically met there. It became very clear that that plane of consciousness wasn't some place that had already been in existence, it was a place that I had created myself, with my intense desire to "vanish for a while where nobody could reach me". One can argue, whether the creation of such a plane of consciousness is necessary, fun, or even harmful to the fabric of the universe. What I see however is the beauty of my creation and the love that went into it. The honor it was shown when my witness stepped into that frequency and I understood without a doubt that this was no "thing" aside myself. This plane of consciousness was made of the fabric of my own essence. I was the plane and the plane was me. I was in the plane, I was in me. Consciousness and plane were made of the same essence. THIS is what creation is all about. Whether it be a situation in our physical lives, whether it be a smile on my face, whether it be an elaborate new plane of consciousness with all the bells and whistles, it matters very little.

As my witness pointed out so very fittingly: "Every creation is enhanced by the love you give it." Indeed it is so. The love that is shared within a creation or through a creation is one of the most incredible gifts that this world, this dance, this game has to offer. We are playing more and more consciously with the fabric of the universe (the fabric of who WE all truly are) and as we do so, we bring more and more joy to the ONE. Even though I had created that plane of existence for myself initially, I ended up opening it up for all who care to step into that frequency to experience it and thus I have given the ONE yet another way of experiencing itself. What greater joy could there be ? I know of none.

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