Friday, January 14, 2011

Shine On

I've spoken of mirrors before. It is clear to many folks now that their experience in the outer (real) world is but a reflection of their innermost landscape. I understand that this is not news to many. I have come to a deeper and clearer understanding of what happened when I experienced 6 years of almost uninterrupted bullying at school. What I experienced as just plain cruelty was in fact the mirror bashers and my own creation of not knowing what my essence truly was and therefore putting myself in a place that wasn't mine to start with. I had that confirmed in my outer reality on a daily basis and didn't understand why, nor was I able to do anything about it back then.

The nature of the experience of one's reality has become so very clear to me through the gift I have been given lately. I've found my suspicions of who I am confirmed and have dived fully into the embrace of my essence. Not just to experience it, but to also accept it as "that's truly me!". The journey to arrive at this point is one that just took as long as it had to take for me to be ready to do the embracing, the full acceptance just wasn't there before. One would think that to embrace something wonderful is easy, to dive into the understanding and acceptance of one's spark of the ONE should be just amazing, fancy, out there, yeah wondrous and all that. It is - but there has always been a part of me that couldn't quite take in the totality of it. I have since taken in the totality of it and in one move, ALL fears have vanished. I am not sure they have a space any longer. I will but remember who I truly am and there simply are no fears where that place is.

Every person's journey to this place is their very own and very valuable journey. Sometimes it's just a word spoken at the right time, when you are ready to hear it, spoken with love, that will open the gate for you to walk through. What I am seeing today is, that those who seek to destroy someone's essence, be it subtly or in outright attack, are but following a need to create the environment around them that fits their understanding and belief of who they are within themselves and if someone with a different belief/experience crosses their path, it's not matching their innermost landscape. This is why people get hurt even though they have done nothing more than just shone their light, without words even. The only way to tolerate such people who are in tune and aware of their essence, is to strive to be in tune and aware of your own essence. They are there as lighthouses, showing the way. It is never suitable to try to diminish their light, for it is really untouchable and will keep shining through their eyes unhindered.

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