Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Challenged !

I'm often trying to be in snych with "what's up in the air" and today I have had enough feedback personally and from others that the topic at hand seems to be very clear to me. I would go as far as to say, the energies these past few days have been gearing up to send one simple message to many folks, including myself. It is time to step into our personal power. This means that we have gifts and talents we came with, we have nourished, developed and grown with and through those gifts. They have shaped our lives and have in some instances dictated the direction of parts or even our entire journey. The energies of ascension have, in waves, shaken us to the core, built us up, rattled our game until the demons crawled out of the closet. Our bodies have sweated, gotten ill, tingled in every cell and coughed up that which we couldn't name. We've slept, fasted, drank plenty of fluids, written blogs and hoped for someone to understand what we were going through and at times we still are doing that as we continue to adjust to ever increasing vibrations.

We are now, in various degrees, being presented with challenges. The healers among us may see cases that question their way of healing and require a whole new approach. The stewards of Mother Earth may watch with a sense of dread the storms, floods, cyclones and blizzards as they gear up to come ravage certain areas of the globe and some people just take on the challenge of dealing with personal issues they have avoided for a long time. We all keep doing what's before us, but these past days, the challenges have unhinged some of us a little bit.

I dare say, we have these challenges in our lives, because we are now fully capable of dealing with them. We have honed our gifts and talents enough and are asked to use them fully. We are asked to get really practical, even if our gift seems small to us, it isn't. Even if it is "only" a free flowing open heart with which we can direct unconditional love to different parts of the world, if that is our task, so be it, we are now called to take it on the way it presents itself to each individual.

It is time to fully accept our roles, our talents and gifts and DO whatever is before us and do it to the best of our ability with absolute devotion to the task we feel is ours. Without judgment towards any of our fellow humans, who are possibly (most likely) holding different tasks and are performing those the best way they know how. In accepting these challenges, I see the gift of many folks stepping into their own power and owning it - it feels like a time for initiation or a coming of age to me. I applaud each and every one who fully embraces their own light in that fashion, stops making excuses, stops doubting themselves and boldly keeps on traveling along their path.

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