Saturday, February 12, 2011

Observe the Changes

In the light of the gifts we have been receiving lately, in the form of cleansings and boosts of energy, it is not surprising that there are still remnants of the 3D paradigm that rear up their heads, trying to create momentum, pulling back into the direction of the old ways of fear, division, separation. The aim of these voices that keep popping up is often disguised as "well meant warnings" and the like. I am compelled today to put out a call of encouragement. Hold steadfast in what you know to be true in the light of unconditional love, light and unity. Whatever these voices try to do, do not allow it to become personal. Many may feel that they are being tested, but in fact, it is not a test at all. It is these old energies waning. The levels of fear in the world has lessened. In everyday life I see more and more kids walking to school again. It is as if an energetic "ban" has been lifted in our neighborhoods. The fear of something bad happening to our kids has subsided, we can breathe again. Likewise, I see messages of actions of outstanding courage that come from the level of "the people". It is indeed a waning of the energy of fear everywhere.

The recommendation I have today is to observe where fear used to be present, but is no more, or very much less so at this time. Take these observations as your guide to solidify the reality of a new world, where fear has no room, because the light and love is ever present. Make it so in your daily lives, for if we now give in to the "warnings" that pop up here and there, we give the power away again to those who feed off the fear energy. The energetic food source (fear) is getting less and less prevalent and thus available on Earth and that alone is the best strategy to move into a different level of existence, where those feeding on fear are not able to manifest and exist. Do recognize that these changes are in fact visible today and take heart by what you observe. Remain steadfast in your dream of unconditional love, compassion, unity and peace - and so it will come to pass fully.

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