Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Working with the High Heart Chakra

I find that my journey loops around in exploratory fashion. It returns to one place again and again and today I wish to dedicate my words to this place. It is the place of the High Heart. It's quite an altruistic sort of place, the place of unconditional love. I experience this place as a plane of consciousness.  I can decide to sit in it and let its energy be my guide for the day. One day is about all I can handle, sometimes even just one hour that stretches into a whole day, by being a silly notion of Now. I don't want to know what I'll be doing next week. It kind of takes the surprises away.

The excitement that previously was primarily derived from extensively self-created personal dramas has fallen away more and more. I now laugh at the silliness of myself as soon as I realize how extremely complicated I create my life for myself and those around me. In those moments, I chuckle audibly and let go - let everything just slide off. Instead of any glorious (or not so glorious) plan, I turn to the one thing that will lead me back to the plane of consciousness where unconditional love for all that is, is the main energy/sensation. I turn to this chakra of mine which can be felt between the heart and the throat chakra. It has been termed the "High Heart" and I'm ok with that name. Just merely thinking of this place, this area between heart and throat brings my focus to this energy of unconditional love, of loving communication and love mixed in with the "higher will" of the One.

Once there, the sensation is one of returning home, being in synch with my actual essence, one of ultimate purpose for me and everything that I experience here on Earth gets softened around the edges. The understanding of connections as to why something is happening, or what my role is, in a "play" or a "scene" that I'm in, is enhanced and much easier to grasp. It helps a lot with understanding and thus in turn goes full circle and brings forth an enhanced, more conscious experience of unconditional, non-judgmental love.

I have since pondered what we could do to consciously bring ourselves to this plane and live more and more with an active, open and functioning High Heart Chakra. It's kind of a no-brainer. I have done chakra work for decades and I don't think the development, clearing, activation or what have you of your own personal High Heart Chakra is any different from "regular" Chakra work. There are colors, sound, geometric patterns and intentions involved in the process and I'm sure those who feel drawn to try out any kind of conscious work with the High Heart Chakra are versed enough already, they don't need detailed instructions. Do as you feel intuitively you need to do. Keep in mind to be gentle and never force any energetic opening of any kind in a Chakra. Love yourselves and be kind to your energies. The results will be immediate, the impact on the Whole guaranteed, as all is One.

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