Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Lull

The intensity of the energies of the last few days has peaked and in the culmination I am experiencing the lull that follows the wave patterns. On "lull days" it feels like there isn't much to "report" or talk about. It is as if all of a sudden, the path that seemed clearly "outlined" and flagged even lit up has disappeared or at least given way to a vast field of energy that emanates equanimity. It is difficult to describe such states, as they are nothing  and everything at the same time. I sense the potential for creation that they hold, yet know that it's just not the right moment to try to hook into any spot on that energetic plane. It's quiet and after having been very busy for a few days, after having experienced huge spikes of intensity in energy, challenges and triumphs, it does feel a bit like anti-climax, yet not in a sense of "let down". The well deserved energies of triumph still smile at me, even though the "rush" is over.

I wonder at times what to do on days like these. There are still many things on the ever popular "to-do-list", but the motivation just isn't there. I realize that since I'm in the Now, it matters very little whether or not I am making myself do anything in particular. It is with this freedom that I choose to just enjoy the lull for what it is, stop trying to change it's energetic gift of peace and repose. It is indeed alright to muse, to listen to music, to enjoy the current ongoing Spring weather in this State, where I feel very much at home today.

The more I contemplate this lull-day, I realize that it is the moment of opportunity to set the stage for how I will ride, navigate and experience the next wave that will most certainly follow the lull. During these lull-moments I am given the opportunity to sow the seeds. I have to muse on this a little bit, for it hasn't been this clear to me until this very moment.

What does it mean to sow the seeds for how I am to experience the next wave ? What are my choices ? The sense I am getting is that the more peaceful I can flow with this expansive state of "lull" inbetween the waves that are inevitable and part of the energetic ebb and flow, the more peaceful will my experience be when the next wave comes flowing in. It is my chance to prepare myself. It is my chance to set the stage. I can stress out on this lull day, because there is so much to do, or I can live and enjoy it in peace, harmony, with lots of good laughs and not a care in the world. That is my choice for today and when the next wave comes, I feel I will be ready to have a blast !

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