Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Within myself I've come across a standard that I've held for years and strived for in my quest for personal development. As I've worked with this body that I have been granted and worked with the genetic make up it provided, worked through the generational patterns that were so incredibly destructive, I have come to realize that in part, this is a very important part of being in the physcial body.

This body comes with its cells, the DNA and everything in place. The family patterns that have been passed down for generations were after a while very visible to me. It served first for learning and understanding the shortcomings. Now I have yet a different viewpoint. I have struggled and worked very hard to overcome and change some very ingrained behaviors that were visible through the lines of my family tree. It is the overcoming of these patterns that bring a certain amount of genetic evolution to humanity. I see it today, as a combination of playground/stage upon which I could learn a number of very important lessons, yet at the same time, I also see the service I have been able to do for the genetic imprint of this family tree. I understand that my children, who were born with this and their father's genetic imprints can benefit from my work, because energetically seen, there is no timeline. Even my grandparents and parents who have passed a number of years back are still benefitting from my "work" on these genetic imprints. The whole of humanity has gotten a fraction healthier, (for all that it's worth), as I was able to transcend some family stimgas of alcoholism and cancer, both disease pictures that are no longer an option in this body, nor in the bodies of my children.

Furthermore, the primary obstacle to a peaceful life in this body was the imprint and outbursts of sudden fits of rage. I have suffered from this as have my mother, my siblings, my grandmother and presumably her ancestors as well. My older daughter carries that stigma as well, whereas my younger one does not. I know that by working through this very destructive pattern, my older daughter has not had to express this stigma near as often as when she was younger and I wasn't quite done with my tasks of transformation.

I am not certain if I have transformed every last thread of this stigma, but the bulk is done, as peace has come to my life and that of my kids. In it all lies the beauty and importance of incarnating in the physcial form. To me it looks as if I have glimpsed a fraction of the Creator's plan for humanity. The joy of having contributed to this little bit of the great plan is immeasurable. The accomplishment is real.

In the light of this, I would like to bring the attention to a belief that I have encountered many times and over which I have always sort of "cringed" when I heard it, because in the end it fosters judgment and that in and of itself is the primary cause for destruction of peace. It is the belief that an enlightened soul is this pristine being, who will not step a toe out of line, ever!

I disagree with this picture. I disagree, for it does not resonate with my innermost senses. It doesn't resonate for 2 main reasons. First of all, it places the attaining of enlightenment to such a high standard that it seems pointless to even try to get there, or if we still find the drive in us to try to get there, there's almost certainly the guarantee, that we will keep doubting our own accomplishments and developments and therefore diminish our own light. Second of all, this kind of belief brings sainthood to some and judges others who do not appear "saintly", despite their high levels of consciousness, which may just as well be... enlightenment - "if only, they wouldn't fall from the grace now and then."

Well, I dare say, an enlightened being who has offered to volunteer for an incarnation will most likely chose a perfect body, perfect in the sense that it will bring challenges, as well as serve exactly for the right kind of scenarios that will in turn serve the greater picture. It could well be, that that body is of a family line with incredibly difficult to overcome obstacles, yet that soul has taken on the task to help transform and bring light to some pretty dense body types. Is that person less enlightened than the hermit, who meditates in his cave for years and is observed and revered as a saint or sage?  Is that person less of a saint, because sometimes the genetic material of the form he or she has chosen "trips them up"? - I think not. I have come to believe differently. I have come to believe in the "humanitarian approach" to those souls. I still think that when we see the light in someone's eyes, it's a better guide for "recognition of character" than any behaviors a person displays. We can look towards behaviors to observe whether a  person relentlessly strives for bettering themselves, struggling, falling on their nose, yet with all faith getting back up to try again, that is a true mark of an enlightened soul, or one that is nearly there at least.

Enlightenment doesn't mean it's time to rest, be revered and glorified.(Least of all it means that it's time to get "full of oneself"). Most enlightened souls try to stay away from that sort of thing and appear very humble.

This is but my viewpoint. Ultimately, I feel it is important not to judge the "age" or "stage" of a soul's development, but focus on one's own life, one's own path and journey towards ever greater awareness and never actively diminish one's own light and beauty. It's the journey that counts, not the destination.

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