Saturday, February 26, 2011

Paying Forward

I've wondered many times what it is that I could actively "do" for this new Earth that we are manifesting. I'm not the type to be drawn to revolutionary activities. There are those brave ones that have opted for an experience in the midst of demonstrations, peaceful, or in front of the wrong end of a weapon. Their outstanding courage that puts their very lives on the line is to be recognized and applauded. It is however not so that every single person has opted for that experience. I don't feel drawn to any form of protest, political or otherwise. I don't feel drawn to any form of open demonstration against something. It just simply has always held a repulsive sort of energy for me and I've gladly heeded the call to stay away from these activities. Yes, I've wondered too, whether it is just cowardice that kept me away from "causes" that I actually felt quite passionate about, but not to the point of actively participating in any sort of demonstration of my point of view. I've made peace within and know myself to be courageous in many other ways.

I've tried to investigate my equanimity when it comes to these "calls for action" and haven't really found any other answer than: "it's just not for me at this time". I've fared quite well and sailed smoothly through the many calls that landed on my doorstep through the decades. I have however had this slight nag inside that kept asking me: "what are you actively "doing" to help create a new world?". Always, my answer has been: "I'm steward of my children's life for a time and see to it that they keep on shining their essence through onto this plane of existence and are as free as humanly possibly to be in tune with their own paths." I felt that that was enough of a contribution and that nag had actually subsided. I've since had other thoughts. One of them is that I could do more. I could pay forward and thus create an influence in the makings of a new world for times yet to unfold.

This blogspot is one of those things. I do it freely, I do it consistently and I enjoy my contribution. That's all well and wonderful, however it's quite impersonal at times. I've yearned to pay something forward and be intimately involved and thus I have thought of this possibility:

Paying forward to younger people holds a potential that is immeasurable. Paying forward can be any good deed that we demonstrate towards a young person who will experience the impact of that which we pay forward. In turn, although we do not have control over it, we can be almost certain that our deed is going to be a seed in a young person's life that will blossom and find fertile soil for them to go out and pass it on to others, their children, their peers, anyone really. This paying forward can be anything that is of value. I find knowledge to be of tremendous value here. I also find that knowledge, which should be entirely free of charge, is being sold shamelessly at an incredibly huge, sometimes even unaffordable price. This price is a way to control who has access to the knowledge and with one "I can't afford this", a dream is thwarted and we're instantly back in the entanglements of 3D elitism.

Being past mid-life myself, I consider my knowledge about certain things to be well learned, grounded, experienced and deep. This knowledge is mine. It belongs to me, but it isn't mine alone - I have the responsibility to pass it on. Passing on knowledge is a very easy way to pay forward. It has to be absolutely free though. I am prepared to teach my profession to my "apprentice" like it were the "olden days". I am linking this way of teaching to the experiences I have from beyond the veil, where souls get to explore and learn whatever they enjoy at the pace that works for them and in the form that is comfortable to their nature and existing talents. I am as much a student in this as a a teacher. This is a true form of sharing a passion that will impact a young person with an experience on how to pay forward themselves when the time comes. This is a seed for creating a new world. This is not indoctrination of any kind, it is a heart centered, generous blending and sharing, an exchange of knowledge from the bearer to the receiver. It is how "schooling" ought to be done in my opinion and I am willing to spend my time and energy to pay forward this way. Money has absolutely nothing to do with it, doesn't even enter the picture and I feel that that is how it should be.

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