Thursday, February 17, 2011


A phenomenon that I've experienced in line with the continued thinning of the veil is that folks are beginning to see some of their lesson-contracts they have set up with other souls prior to being born in this life time. They march courageously through their end of the "deal" and are then feeling the strong urge to deliver their end of the "bargain" to the other soul involved. Sometimes such contracts get now dealt with swiftly, cleanly and learning is to be had at speeds that were unfathomable just a few years ago.

In yet another scenario, two souls may have developed according to their individual paths with full satisfactory results, yet have still a contract open, which they have not yet "tackled". It may well be that one is aware of this contract whereas the other refuses to look in that direction. This on it's own probably happens more often than not. It's ok, it's how it works here on Earth. Free will after all, right?

Well, with the thinning of the veil, there may be folks who are so keenly aware of the content of such contracts and when it gets blocked or refused by the other soul, then the frustration is but the beginning. I would say, the sensation such a situation brings is keen, deepset grief over the (perceived)  loss of a lesson. (whether it is an irrevocable loss or not). The sense of failing to help another soul fulfill a contract that was agreed upon is really quite a devastating emotion. One could reason very deeply about how free will choice is prime directive and so it is. One could also try to convince oneself that we are not responsible for this refusal to partake in this contract at this time. However, the higher self bringing in the soul's knowledge into keen awareness knows full well that it IS responsible no matter what. A contract is a contract and there will be a repeat if it's not fulfilled this life time, unless both parties decide to void the contract and dance with other partners in a future life time.

There is but one thing anyone can actively do in such a situation, next to having upheld their own part of the contract and that is to focus on the good bits of the other person. Focus on their divine nature, their innate perfection. It eases the pain somewhat, even though the sense of loss and profound sadness that goes along with a "lost opportunity" in this life time is something that just needs felt and experienced.

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