Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A little Lesson

As I am struggling to get some words to flow into today's blog post, I have to admit that this 4th try is going to be a wee confession. I have committed to blog on a daily basis and lo and behold I shall come through with my promise to myself. A little lesson has crept into this day (next to the big one involving money and plumbers). I have been very busy, true, and I have accomplished quite a bit today. Yet, "the blog" is still unwritten.

The little lesson today is quite simple. There is no real burning topic that I feel the wish to talk about - and that is OK! I am not witty enough to come up with something "just because" and since I have found that beautiful space of now, where plans matter little and energy that is in the now dictates the flow of my day, I have to go all the way and heed this flow. The message it gives me today, and it may be only so that I can integrate this little lesson now,  is: "Today, I have nothing much to say." It is ok, not to have a big topic to discuss. It is ok, to not blog at all, well, sort of. So today, dear readers, I wish you a pleasant experince of your own now, as I sign off to indulge in the rest that is so well deserved after an extremely busy day - alas - without having blogged about any grand topics.

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