Sunday, February 27, 2011


I have been asked at times whether I am addicted to these states that come to pass if I focus on the energies beyond the veil. Accusations have hit me where it was suggested that I am neglecting the physical plane.  It has been suggested that I am trying to avoid life here on Earth. I have seen these points of view as a perspective that was held by those who questioned my way of life. It is understandable that there are these points of view out there. It adds to the diversity and if I look very closely at the source of the questions that have been thrown at me, I see but a soul trying to understand. That is admirable and I find respect in my high heart for this. It can be honored as a seeker's quest.

There have been teachings in events like these where my innermost peace was shaken. I admit that my ego had a terrible time digesting that my very form of existence was questioned, judged and dismissed as "less than". For brief periods of time I even bought into believing these accusations and opinions of others. I tried on the cloak of "I'm doing it all wrong, I should live differently" and indeed this cloak effectively cloaked my light and dimmed it to intolerable levels. The teachings were invaluable. I have found myself to shake off cloak after cloak that I had thus tried on and freed myself from other's opinions of how to live my life. I've become quite practiced at this technique of throwing off my cloaks and have even (admittedly) gone beyond the point of balance, that I had closed myself off from even entertaining the possibilities of another's opinion. The journey took a number of decades and has been the one path that has lead me to the place of the high heart. I experience it to be a circular path, for  I have distinct memories of feeling exactly like this as a very young child. It does feel like my journey has come full circle.

In this high heart, there is one gem that I would like to share today. When I bring my consciousness to this energy plane and focus on the high heart chakra, I experience this gem. It is the necessity, the ability and the call to view everything in my life as sacred. My very breath, my physical temple, every interaction, every little thing created here on Earth and also beyond the veil. My experience of vastness of "home" and everything else that I haven't explicitly mentioned here as well. Everything is sacred. With the consciousness focusing on this sacredness, I experience the immediate connection with the highest attributes of character - respect, honor, integrity and a sense of reverence towards myself, all others, simply said: "towards all things". All these traits ultimately have unconditional love at their core. I find it very useful to live according to and experiencing this sense of sacredness towards everything, as it is a direct experience of our own divinity.

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