Friday, February 18, 2011

Homage to a Friend

Tapping into souls, who want nothing more than to bring their full "glory" and understanding of their unity with all that is into the physical frame of the body in order to shine their light as brightly as possible, I cannot help but find a number of "hooks" that keep taxing those soul's perseverance fiercely at times.

It makes me wonder how come there are still other souls out there, who have embarked on their journey, have navigated it with amazing courage, unconditional love and eternal service to the One. Yet when it comes to bringing their "spiritual" energy fully into the realm of physicality, they cannot, they still divide. They have the full understanding that all is one. They bring extensive experience and understanding of the makings of the spiritual realms and they interact with their guides just fine. Yet, there is a part in them, that denies them the "admission" that they indeed are this incredibly bright light. This beacon of unconditional love that has nothing but the urge to spread everywhere, unconditionally, selflessly and just because.

I have found a conditioning that says: "well, I'm here now, on Earth, in a physical body and that's where my focus is. I cannot make myself addicted to the wonderful experiences beyond the veil, hence, they will have to wait until I return there after death."

Although free will choice is at the very core of this experience here, there are fibers inside of myself which want to break free, go rogue and shout out at such obvious self-imposed limitations. How can one truly ascend and bring in higher frequencies if the attachment is thus to the realm of 3D ? I have searched for answers regarding this and can only come up with one scenario that resonates with me. (I'm sure there's some I haven't thought of too, so there's absolutely more answers to this than what I've come up with.)

What does resonate with me is that a number of these very old souls are very much geared to help younger souls along. Especially those who have decided that they will remain in a 3D experience. It appears that these old souls have put blocks in place that they will not venture beyond, even though it would normally be very easy for them to live very differently. With these blocks in place, they will prevent themselves from being pulled into the blissfully joyous journey of ascension and they will remain in the 3D experience. My heart fills with eternal gratitude for these very brave and selfless souls who have decided to forgo the spectacular events of ascension and remain to lend a helping hand to the very young who are not ready to ascend. I bow down, with understanding and respect. I want to bring honor to those brave souls who have come to tend to those who need some teachers still.

In particular, I want to bring this understanding to my own self, who is confronted with the situation of the crossroads, where one of my dearest friends will most likely remain in 3D, whereas my path takes me onward. My heart is overflowing with recognition for her abilities as a teacher, as a healer, as a modern shaman who is engaged in a community of souls who will benefit immensely from her wisdom and knowledge. Her groundedness in the physical plane is a beautiful thing that I've never quite understood, but am in awe over. To her goes my homage today, may her path bring her the joy she deserves. May she realize that despite remaining in a 3D environment, her soul is one of the brightest lights I have had the pleasure to call my friend. We have danced together, cried together, had our share of disagreements and even fights, yet I remember the recognition we both experienced that first day, so many years ago, when we first met. I do not know how we will journey on from here, but I know that everything is in perfect alignment for each one of us. We've worked hard and laughed until we cried. My wish is that we may each see and fully recognize the reflection of our own beauty in the mirror that we keep presenting to each other at every encounter.

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