Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Going out on a limb today - here's what I've been observing around me:

It seems to me as if everything is on "speed dial" right now. Patterns and lessons that have been contracted out have popped back into my field of vision. There are things that aren't resolved and there is a certain urgency that drives these topics into the awareness. I am not sure if this is just something that happens to me personally, or whether it is a sign of the "times" we are in right now.

I feel it is a tremendous opportunity to embrace certain processes once and for all and heed the call of urgency. The energies are such, that simple recognition of the contract's "matrix" is all that is needed for the solving of the pattern. It's enough to just simply recognize what the learning is about. It almost feels as if there's no more time to walk through elaborate learning and integrating steps bit by bit. It's like an offer of "freebies" that says: "just identify the problem, it's  going to resolve on its own". Of course I do not know for certain whether this is so, but it seems to me that the energies are such, that old belief systems are being challenged once and for all and need to be adjusted to the new paradigm quickly in order for people to be ready for the next energetic blast/shift.

There is no need to panic though. I see that these simple recognition moments, the moment of epiphany will set everything in motion for the learning process to happen spontaneously almost subconsciously and clear out the last remnants of what needs solved before leaving this 3D experience.

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