Monday, February 7, 2011

Moving towards Unity

It seems to me that everything is on "hold". I am strangely unable to get anything done in the way I had thought I would, but it's not a bad feeling. I would say today, it's best if I don't start any new projects. The energy that makes this day such a quiet one may not be my own, it's always a bit difficult to discern. It is however most definitely affecting my day. I'm fully embracing this sense of stagnation and know that within a few days, the next wave of energy will arrive and bring a bunch of new gifts. If I take a peek at these gifts that are lined up, I see the potential that we are going to see ever more clearly who we are. It is rather important to integrate this gift, for if we remain out of balance with the understanding of who we are individually, the process of unity will not be able to unfold as neatly as it could.

What does that mean to bring our understanding in balance? Well, we are many things, we have had many roles we could identify with. We can play with archetypes, pretend to be something we're not or have never been and still gain understanding of who our essence is. To gain understanding of self is in my opinion the main factor, why small(er) children often love to play pretend and dress up. It is but to find out who they are, what they resonate with, what they love to embody. It is much the same as we revisit this very pivotal lesson of "Who am I?". What is the signature of our essence like? This is a very individiual question, it's a question that is very central to the processes of ascension, yet it is one that only few have managed to integrate in a balanced fashion. Often, there is a bit too much of either side, be it  "not worthy to be this or that", or on the other side, "way better than ...". Both sensations are a marker of being out of balance. Being in balance would bring that quiet, calm, innate understanding, a sense of equanimity and acceptance of the totality of possibilities that we have embodied, experienced, played with and integrated through the life times. That totality IS. At it's center is love, yes the fabric we all are made of is unconditional love and that's a very beautiful fabric.

There are approaches that only speak of the love and those are very valid approaches. It is however, as playful as anything else and most importantly totally allowed to approach this question of "who am I?" from a myriad of different angles and that in and of itself adds to the totality of who we are as a unit. The striving for unity can hence happen in equally many ways.

However, it is my understanding that we will merge into the energy of unity much easier if we have a balanced understanding of who we are individually. In this unity we will then not loose the knowledge of that balanced understanding of who we are. We will be able to hold that focus if we wish and experience that at the same time. Unity will not require of us to give up that understanding, on the contrary, unity will mean there are just more souls, who have gained the understanding of who they are to celebrate that understanding with.

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