Friday, February 11, 2011

The Last of Karma

It appears that some folks are experiencing heavy duty clearings these days. It seems fitting, for we are in the later rounds of "quickening" of the ascension process. Old baggage needs to be released in order to move forward, onward, upward. This seems like it's not much of an opportunity. Who really needs to have more things to work through, more lessons to learn, more hardship to endure, more physical discomfort or disease? Well, it's apparently the quickest and easiest way to move through remnants of karma.

If during these beginning months of 2011 you've been facing some really hard times, it could be you're in the very last throes of clean-up in your personal system. If you have nothing that still needs to be worked through, it should be an easy ride - enjoy ! However, be aware, that you may be called upon to share your wisdom, your knowledge, power and step up to the plate to lend a hand for those who still need to do their last bit of work.

I believe, those who have contracted to ascend along with the planet, will do so with no karma left over. I have seen cases in my practice, where years, no, decades, of suffering that hasn't gone away, all of a sudden is cleared. I do not believe that it is solely my skills as a healer. I think it has to do with the energies around us being very benign and geared to facilitate the clearings. The really good news is, whatever is left over on your plate of "to-do's" it can be cleared very quickly and will stay cleared. In many instances, I was given the information that ALL karma has been set to zero through one clearing or another. That is very good news indeed and I encourage you to intend for all karma to clear if ascension is in your blueprint. Things will be set in motion for freedom from karma to ensue. It's like a "free-for-all-karma-cleansing"-opportunity that is being offered at this time. It may be a rocky sort of experience for a short while, but cleansing is thorough, complete with all bells and whistles and won't take much of your time. Everything is accelerated and if you haven't done so until now, I would say, now's the time to really Spring clean your system - on all levels.

Help is available in many places, open up to receive help and ask for help and help will be given, swiftly and immediately with great positive effect. The joy that this time brings is immense and I sense the eagerness of helpers beyond the veil, as well as those who are embodied, who are ready, more than ready even, to lend a hand.

It's truly time to let go of pride, old attachments and the need to do everything on your own. It's time to reach out, help each other and clear what is perhaps still in the way. I can already sense the big sigh of relief when so much karma will be eliminated world wide. Things are moving swiftly, accurately and to the benefit of the whole. Indeed a great reason to experience the joy in the process(es).

In that light, I feel indeed drawn to lend a helping hand, I offer healing energies to be sent to those who ask for my help specifically, via email including a short description of their main complaint as well as their name and photograph.

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