Thursday, February 10, 2011

From Linear to Quantum

Our minds are well trained, we have navigated 3D on it's way out to this day. We've been bound by the laws of physics and those of the universe. Our mental capacity to take in this world's experiences is individual for each person. Most of us have accepted the inevitable conditioning of the linear mind - the timeline of thinking processes that logic from one point to the next one after the other. It has been fun to do it this way, but its' powers are beginning to wane.

More and more often I find myself in situations with questions so nagging that the linear thinking process just doesn't bring me any logically derived answers. This is where "thinking outside the box" may come in, but even that I'm afraid is a process that after the initial jump out of the box will continue inevitably in a linear fashion, as it tries to find solutions for problems (opportunities) at hand.

A new way of processing information is required. The binary computerization of information in our minds just isn't going to help us out if we fully want to experience the higher dimensions. True, some do not feel like they wish to explore 5D for example, or any other dimension besides 3D. However, energy frequencies have lifted the vibrations on the planet and thus within many human beings to a point where there is a noticeable "flaw" if one is trying to perceive the higher dimension and process that information in the fashion of 3D. It simply results in major loss of information and experiences can thus not be integrated to their fullest extent.

So we've run through a time span of learning to move outside of quantum processing of information, approximately around age 7, when the mental faculties become more and more linear.  This process allows an incarnation to "land" fully and be successful in the 3D environment. It is natural and entirely in line with the experience on Earth. We've bought for a number of years (decades, centuries...) into the inevitability of this linear thinking process until we have come to seek spiritually. At that point, every good spiritual teacher would have probably suggested that you "still the mind". Well, I do agree with that wholeheartedly, for if linear processing cannot be avoided, at least it could be calmed down and stilled. What that practice as left us with is the continued ability to process the information from the higher dimensions through other avenues, our emotional and spiritual bodies.  Mostly, still linear in certain ways.

The energies are gearing up, 2011 is giving us hardly a break from one wave of energy to the next. That's great. We can still rely on our stilled minds and process our experiences the way we have learned. It works. It's like an old computer however. At some point, the desire to upgrade the system may come up. I have no clear undisputed knowledge of how this should come to manifest, but I do get glimpses, which I will try to put into linear language.

If upgrade for processing the experiences in the higher dimensions is on your "to-do-list", then I would imagine that the mind, which has so willingly allowed that it be stilled, could be trained to move from linear processing to quantum processing. What I mean with this is that the processing becomes so much more refined. It will take into account the smallest particles of experience and energy and process it's interaction with every other minute particle. This increases the amount of information that we would consciously process considerably. The main part of the shift in thinking would be to think not in a fashion that is dictated by passing time, but to process the incoming information simultaneously. To be aware of more than one thing at any given time, to see their energetic interaction, their cause and effect as well as (at least some) possibilities of outcome. Our brains are fully capable to access that kind of processing. In fact, unconsciously it already does, as it regulates the myriad of processes our physical bodies go through every day.

Ascension is about becoming conscious. I feel that we are just at the very first thresholds that lead us to embrace the concept of our minds/brains functioning differently from when we were in 3D frequency. Evidently, I do not have all answers, as to how this will unfold. This is but a preview, something that I will hopefully talk about more as my own process in this regard reveals. I am however very excited over the possibilities of quantum processing abilities of our brains and hope to share more soon.

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