Monday, February 21, 2011

The Call for Unity

There are many calls for Unity. That's amazing. It's really great, it's the right direction for sure. However, in my experience, there are some misperceptions concerning what that really means. Of course, every person has the freedom to find out for themselves, so I'm going to offer my viewpoint only for pondering. Do stay critical, discernment is very important for your individual path.

I hear a lot of the "coming together of peoples" in the context of the cries for unity. Of course, I am not against people coming together and working towards a common interest or goal. Co-operation is a very important feature if we are going to create a different world. However, is this the unity that we are to strive for?.

The next point could be that yes, we are all one. Yes, we are all of the One Source, the Creator of all things. We are linked, our energies can blend and dance, we are one huge big unit. That is the core of what I see unity to be at. Yet, it doesn't mean that we all of a sudden have to continuously dance and interact with each other in that intimate fashion of blending our energies in order to consciously be that unit. It is quite alright, in my book, to keep a distance, to pick and chose with whom we would like to blend, for at the same time of essentially being one, we are very much individualized.

The sensation of oneness goes beyond people. We are equally one with everything in nature, everything created here on Earth and elsewhere. The sensation of unity can be experienced out in nature, in states of initial bliss, but there are people, there have always been some of us, who actually interact, move and live active productive lives, whilst having this sensation continuously. That I feel is the unity we are supposedly moving towards. Once this sensation is felt on an ongoing basis, be it with people, plants, animals, the sky, the oceans - what have you, once this sensation becomes so common place, we can be alone on a mountaintop and still be consciously in a state of unity. Unity for me does not mean I have to share my space physically with everyone at once. That would simply overwhelm me and feel very uncomfortable. I shy away from things that feel that uncomfortable, yet follow my inner call towards unity in my very own individual fashion.

The experience of unity in the sense that I have described brings a myriad of changes in understanding the interconnectedness of all that is and also propels one into a place of change in behavior whilst in physical form. Doing certain things simply becomes unfathomable, like violence or bringing harm to another. If that happens still, the remorse is immediate and the need to make amends instant.

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