Tuesday, February 1, 2011


With the latest energy shifts comes a gift. This gift is in form of altered (mainly expanded) perception. Each person will experience this gift in a different way. It's quite individual and not to be compared (let's practice that new paradigm and stop comparing, shall we?) The form this gift takes for each individual is not a measure of "how far they've come" nor "how enlightened they are" or anything of the sort. The avenues this new ability takes is individual because each spark here on Earth has A) a different task or lesson plan than any other, even if there are similarities, and B) a different set of talents that are needed for that individual contract for this life time. Hence, it is absolutely senseless to compare one human being or their experience to another in a judgmental manner.

The gift of expanded ways of perception can take thus many forms. I can only speak for me, there may be similarities within your experience, but I believe the joy lies where we begin to realize that things are definitely changing, our abilities are adjusting to the energies and functions of the new paradigm and that in and of itself is a glorious thing. My abilities have always been very different from most people I've met, but for me too, there have been changes. I'm perceiving my own "shortcomings" much clearer. I see connections from one thing to their point of origin much clearer than I have in the past, when I had to intuitively "guess" at times and I have a very strong sense of who I am in my own essence now. These changes from how I perceived myself and my environment before have allowed me to tackle new tasks that I could not have taken on prior to this gift, or would only have done when my physical body was asleep. I'm becoming much more aware of what's going on in dream time, whether I am awake or asleep. It is truly a sense of being multidimensional, typing away here on my very physical computer, yet at the same time knowing of the tasks I am simultaneously performing on different planes of consciousness and existence. That perception is there, even if I do not fully comprehend (yet) their magnitude or the intricate makings of them in detail.

I do observe these changes and welcome them. To me it is as if the physical world is finally a place where I can feel more and more at ease, but I'm sure others may have different sensations around this. With these new abilities and expanded perceptions comes a greater, more expansive sense of responsibility. I navigate this by staying in my high heart energy, where I do let unconditional love be the guide as to how to react (if at all) to what I perceive in this fresh, new manner.

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