Tuesday, February 15, 2011

To Embody the One on Earth...

What does it mean to embody the One here on Earth? Well, we've got a body. Good! Great start!  We're experiencing (have experienced many times over) the physical realities, the polarity, the sense of separation, the linearity of time and the binary processing of good and evil. (etc).

Amongst the myriad of different "plays" we are allowed to enact, in my experience, everything is geared towards one thing. The re-integration of the ultimate truth. Where there is separation, ther must be unity, such are the universal laws of polarity. Some sages are sages because they embody something that we intuitively feel the need to "have" as well. They embody that glow of sweet, tender love. They embody a light that is coupled with wisdom. They embody, carry within and shine it without, a sense of peace, unity, calmness and humility. Their egos, we can muse, are "conquered" - (we never really get rid of them in my opinion). They are inspiring us to reach for the seemingly unattainable "something".

What we may even see, is that this "something" that the sages of this day and of time past carry, is indeed the embodiment of the One. Is it that they "channel" the One? In a way, they surely do, but I do believe it goes a step further. They "are" the One manifest in a body. Of course, to embody the whole glory of the One would possibly fry the human cellular structure with its intensity, but these sages seem to have an "in" to embodying bits of the One here on Earth.

We can further muse what it would take to reach that place, they so effortlessly hold ! I tend to have this idea to boil everything down to its essence, so in my speculation, in order to truly embody the One, we'd have to have an ingrained understanding and firm belief (which in turn will create the reality we experience), that the One isn't something outside of ourselves. We, along with all other sparks/souls here on Earth and everywhere else ARE the totality of the One, there is no separation, there is nothing to reach for outside of ourselves.

This may not be news for you, but have you truly grasped the implications of such a belief ? Do you truly hold this belief, steadfast in your heart and soul? Is going "home" still a linear journey? Is "ascension" or "path to enlightenment" something outside of yourself, a goal you have set yourself to reach? These are some of the questions a seeker would possibly ponder in depth. It isn't up to me to answer them for you, if you feel a resonance, I wish everyone a wonderful time of loving discovery.

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