Friday, February 25, 2011

The Gift of Alignment

One might wonder what on Earth is going on today. I have encountered numerous cases of anxiety, extreme irritation, reckless driving in dense traffic, confusion and "escaped" souls. People stumble through this day and it is clear that their essence is far, far away. Some feel like "not able to be here", others just noticed inexplicable bouts of anxiety, without knowing where from or what for. Some just couldn't stand their daily routines and others just plain forgot what they were supposed to do or get ready for.

I've navigated today, accompanied by a blinding headache that just would not go away. I'm not saying this to whine a bit, although I do feel a slight inclination to want to do this. I have instead pondered the issue and have been given this insight. The energies on the planet have shifted again. It is a huge gift that is now available and has obviously affected quite a few folks. It is the gift to learn or rather become aware of what we are really supposed to do there. A gift of energy that helps align us with our purpose in life.

I have seen both sides. I have volunteered at my kid's school and that was fun, but although it was a good thing to do, a very needed thing, it was allowed and all, but it wasn't in alignment with my task here and I could feel my unease and resistance towards doing that little job, that required literally only my presence and a wee bit of input. It was great to see the kids dive deeper into their creativity than I had the privilege to see before, but at the same time, I knew without a doubt that it was just a passing activity for me. Not that I wouldn't do it again, I don't mind helping out at that school, but from a greater perspective, it was not what I came here to do. In contrast to that, just a few hours later, I have had the absolute delight to take on a young student as my apprentice. Now that felt so right and absolutely purposeful, that the time with her flew and was spent with very deep and intense learning on both sides. I had looked forward to this first "lesson" and afterward felt energized instead of drained and can truly affirm that this is indeed why I came here, that encounter with her is meaningful and obviously preordained.

I have had such juxtapositions before where I could see clearly this is this and that is that -(now choose!) - This time, however, it was so much clearer and more drastic. It was simply unavoidable to see exactly what was what. I am grateful for this new energy, even though a lot of souls might have taken the opportunity to escape the physical plane for a few hours and give their incarnations a wee break, leaving them aimless, confused and unfocused for a bit. It's ok - eating root veggies might help get yourself back if that applied to you today.

I think this new gift of alignment with and greater awareness of our purpose in life is one that I must point out, as this is the time so that folks can seize the opportunity to readjust their life's path if they happen to find themselves "way off" - the energetically facilitated opportunity to do this is now.

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