Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A simple Story

My navigation brought me to a very old story. As so many stories that make up part of our history, or define a place as a religious teaching, this story is universal however. It can be stretched to fit it's meaning clearly and precisely. The details can be modified to fit today's timeline and our "modern" circumstances, without losing the teaching in the story. Songs have been sung to address this, I'm not the first person (evidently) and will hopefully not be the last to bring this story back from the dusty pages of old tomes. I will not re-write this story, I will not alter this story, for in and of itself it is perfect. It has endured thousands of years, yet it's message is as burning as ever.

You may remember this story, it may be what's been on your mind lately, or if not, you can google this story (gratitude goes again to the vastness of the internet). I will not link a google search, there are many versions, pick one you feel drawn to.

It would possibly be wise not to take on another's interpretation of that story, but to let it seep deep within the confines of your own essence. I do believe that there are many layers of teachings in this story and it would be wise to dig deep, until all lightbulbs go off and the trumpets sound in celebration. Let it reverberate in your energy bodies and let the truth speak for itself. We have been given these gifts, these triggers that lead us to where we need to go. All I am called to do here is bring a reminder, one for myself and one for my readers.

The story I am talking about is the story of the Golden Calf from the Old Testament. (Exodus).

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